“This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your phone before bed”


Here’s a cool short video on the potential problems with checking your phone before bed. It can mess up your sleep – and sleep is supremely important for your mental performance and for your health.

Personally I cheat a bit. I regularly read books on my smartphone as I’m getting ready for sleep. But I use the Kindle app with black background and white text. Plus I minimize the brightness of the screen and text. I can still comfortably read in a pitch dark room, but there’s a minimal amount of light and I tend to get sleepy and fall asleep pretty fast.

What are your phone habits before bed?


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  1. Lori Miller
    Before cell phones were common, Bernie Brillstein said that only doctors and hookers needed pagers. I was never a doctor or a hooker, but I did have a job long ago that required me to carry a pager at times--and I was thrilled to get rid of damned thing when I left. Even for work, most of the pages I got were for trivial nonsense. I never forgot how good it was to be off the electronic leash, and so I never got a cell phone.
  2. Barb Jennings
    Addicted to audio books on my phone, its' like listening to a bedtime story while you go to sleep.
  3. Boundless
    If you must view a device (or TV) after sundown, wear blue-blockers (Honeywell UVEX brand are both effective and inexpensive). f.lux is not a real fix, as it does nothing for indicator LEDs outside the screen, and is not even fully effective on most LCD displays.

    By the time the implications of the runaway "blue light at night" problem are really understood, a lot of people are going to have serious but entirely optional circadian problems with major symptoms and side effects ... one of which is cancer.

    The rods&cones may make your eye a camera. The recently re-discovered ipRGCs make your eyes a clock, and one that is not to be trifled with.

  4. tz
    Audiobooks, or red LED loghts (old kindle DX). The red lights can be bright yet I can see. I need to see if there is an app that would shift to monochrome RED on my tablet. Some astronomy programs do.
  5. oliviascotland
    Blue blocker screens on all my devices (except for my PC), and I try not to check my phone for around an hour before sleep - not that I'm always successful, and it does have a blue blocker screen protector on it - and then I read a book before I sleep.

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