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Are you interested in the ketogenic diet? A ketogenic nerd even? Then this article with Dominic D’Agostino is a must read:

Medium: Eating Fat, Lifting Cows, and Preventing Seizures — An Intro to the Ketogenic Diet (with Dom D’Agostino)

You’ll get the answers to what your macros (fat, protein, carbs) should look like on keto, whether you can drink alcohol and if the diet fits you or not.


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  1. Apicius
    This is an EXCELLENT article by Mark Moschel. I've recently been inspired by Dom D'Agostino to test a variety of fats and protein in my LCHF eating plan. When I saw that he had an Italian background in his ancestry (like me) and that he eats lots of extra virgin olive oil, fish, seafood and veggies like rapini and made me wonder if I could optimize the type of proteins and fats I eat, and perhaps I should be eating more green leafy veg. I discovered that my body feels a whole lot better if I eat more fish and seafood for protein (as opposed to chicken, beef, pork, cheese, etc), and that I feel incredibly good when I eat tons of extra virgin olive oil (as opposed to cream, butter, coconut oil, etc). I do intermittent fasting (no breakfast....just an espresso coffee with no sugar and no cream in it), and then eat two meals...with mostly fish/seafood protein and tons of green leafy veg in tons of olive oil. Thanks to Dom I discovered a better way to LCHF. I feel so good on this eating plan. I think it's worth considering your ancestral background when selecting which LCHF foods to eat.

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