Therapeutic fasting with Dr. Jason Fung

It’s the most simple way ever to lose weight and improve many health problems. It costs nothing – in fact it will save you money. Plus, it’s a lot easier than most people think. It’s… intermittent fasting.

In this talk Dr. Jason Fung discusses when fasting is the right method for you, how to do it and the most important things to think about.

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Therapeutic Fasting with Dr. Jason Fung

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation:

thank you Dr. Fung. excellent speech.

Fantastic and inspiring. Thank you.
– Kathy

I’ve learned so much here. I truly enjoy Dr. Fungs videos, but there is one problem. His checkered shirts act the way in camera that it’s triggering my migraines.
– Maria76

I’ve done 18 hour (most days) and 24 hour fasts (twice a week) since watching Dr Fung and 4 months later I’m reflecting on how my body has changed but more so my work and mental clarity. I do a lot more in 7.5 hours a day now than ever before. I feel fantastic. Thank you so much for making this so simple for us to understand
– Wendy

Just a simply clear, simple, direct and terrific presentation. Thank you.
– Rudy

“you feel cold, you feel tired, you feel like shit”..
I love this
– David

Therapeutic Fasting with Dr. Jason Fung

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  1. Bengt D Nilsson
    Is fasting good for typ 1 diabetics?
    Reply: #2
  2. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Bengt!

    If you are a member you can direct questions like this to Dr. Fung, in the Ask the Experts section.

    But I found this old Q & A with Fung, see below. :)
    Q: Theresa
    June 10 2016
    If fasting is not beneficial for type 1 diabetics I must have misunderstood your book! I thought it would help them with cell changeover and resistance too.
    Does that not apply to us?

    A: Dr. Jason Fung: This is very complex. Fasting is about lowering insulin and insulin resistance. Type 1 diabetes starts as insulin deficiency so fasting does not help. Over time (decades) of treatment with insulin, it is possible to become insulin resistance due to the treatment. So in effect, you have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Here, fasting will help.

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