Why eating healthy is hard

Why is it so hard to eat healthy? Well, it surely does not help that it’s so unclear what healthy food is.

This video makes fun of the ping-pong game that is our ever-changing dietary advice.

The reason? It’s very hard, expensive and time-consuming to prove what food is truly good for us. Lacking any firm evidence the field of nutrition uses weak statistical clues from observational studies. Those can basically “prove” anything, leading to constantly changing advice after every new study.

The solution? Admit all that we don’t know, and stop pretending that weak statistical correlations prove anything.


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  1. Laura
    Lol! The only thing that bothers me about this video is the fact that the wife is dressed like 1969, not 1979. The fact that the people who made this were probably not born yet and all those retro clothes look alike to them makes me feel really old!

    (Okay, one other thing...people were avoiding cholesterol in the early sixties, weren't they?)

  2. Lynda Morley
    No, there wasn't any talk of diet or nutrition let alone cholesterol.

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