The Swedish diet revolution: now in Finland

There is a huge trend toward LCHF in Sweden, and it’s spreading to our neighboring countries as well. Yesterday on Finnish TV they had a program about low carb high fat diets for type 2 diabetics. How diabetics are improving their health by eating totally different from the official recommendations.

As in every other country diabetics in Finland are officially given insane diet advice. They are told to eat bread, pasta, potatoes and rice: starch that turns into glucose in the gut, and raises the blood sugar.

The reporter went to Sweden and interviewed me and professor Fredrik Nyström, both very positive to LCHF diets for diabetics. In Finland they had a hard time finding anyone to defend the official high carb diabetes diet. The Diabetes Association actually failed to find anyone in time for the show.

Both the reporter and the cameraman totally understood the subject (they were more or less eating LCHF themselves). And it shows! LCHF is getting popular in Finland as well, and rumor says that two bread factories are about to close…

PS: The above program is in Swedish (with Finnish subtitles). A large minority of Finns speak Swedish. Sorry for once again sharing Swedish video, just wanted to let you know what’s happening!


  1. That's great! Hopefully one day it will come here to Canada. I have a hard time finding many people here who support it. I have only found 3 doctors so far that practice it.
  2. For decades, professional body builders have used a high fat low carb diet to get down to insanely low fat levels before competition. For fat loss it works. The only problem comes with people who are carb addicts.
  3. Finally something is happening. I´m from Finland, but live in Sweden. Finnish people like their bread. You eat bread to every meal, at least in my family in Finland.
  4. There are indeed many Swedish speaking Finns who have found LCHF in Sweden. We're doing our best to spread the word over here too :-). Happy to see this on Finnish TV and hope to hear much more on the subject in the future!

    Also, Finnish doctor Antti Heikkilä has been promoting his own version of LCHF for many years and encountered similar resistance as Annika Dahlqvist in Sweden, when he has recommended diabetics to drop the carbs. Still, his work has had an impact and he deserves all the help he can get...

  5. Sami
    "starch that turnes into glucose in the gut"

    It should be: "turns"

    :) you told us to nitpick...

  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks, fixed!

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