The Swedish diet… not

Swedish Diet?

On the cruise Jimmy Moore gave me this package. It’s called “The Swedish Diet” and promises quick weight loss. I’ve never heard of it before even though I’m from Sweden. Does it have anything to do with low-carb, the hottest way to lose weight in Sweden?

Let’s take a closer look.

The bottle

Here is the bottle with a fluid they claim will make you lose weight:

Swedish Diet

If you open it the fluid looks and smells like green-brown sewage. Nasty. So it should be really effective, right?

The Promises


“Boosts metabolism. Decreases appetite. Aids digestion..”

All you need to do is drink one capful twice a day… and eat good food and exercise every day. Probably the latter part is all you need. But let’s take a look at the contents:

Nutrition Facts

Swedish Diet

Ingredients: concentrated juice (sugar) and some random plant extracts, complete with lots of pretty latin names.

Hardly something that will make you lose weight? Or will it?

The Promises Again

Swedish Diet

“Good source of Agave Fiber”?

Agave fiber is hardly required in human diets.

“Safe & proven effective”

I checked their web page where they reference one (1) study testing the “Swedish Diet”-supplement. The study took place in Puerto Rico. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Puerto Rico, but it’s a long way from Sweden. Didn’t “The Puerto Rican Diet” sound good enough?

The duration of the study was one week and the participants tested the juice… combined with a meal replacement containing only 77 calories (!) instead of meals. Almost pure starvation.

So the study proves you can lose weight from a tiny amount of juice twice daily… if you don’t eat. We can’t know if the participants would have lost even more weight without the “Swedish Diet”-juice, but it seems highly likely.


The study was done in Puerto Rico. The company selling this junk is located in Florida, USA.

What does this have to do with Sweden?


This is just a diet scam. Fruit juice and plant extracts hardly makes you lose weight.

Fortunately there is apparently nothing Swedish about this scam.


LCHF for beginners – weight loss that works, without starvation, and you only need to buy real food.

The Swedish Low Carb Revolution

Why We Get Fat – interview with Gary Taubes


  1. Money is the root of all evil?
  2. BobT
    Probably taste a lot better if you mixed it with Puerto Rican rum and Coke!
  3. Marci
    Actually, Dennis, it's the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.
  4. I dont use any of this 'super weight loss products' and i have great results.. the most important thing is motivation!
  5. Mel
    I'm thinkin' the sewage smell is to kill our appetites for the rest of the day :O Too bad they can't bottle motivation! Hmm, I'm thinkin' weightloss wine!!!
  6. Lars Thurfjell
    Too funny. When I heard Jimmy Moores podcast about this, I initially
    thought he was going to interview you.
  7. Clare
    ty, Marci. i hate ppl spouting half assed stuff. weight loss comes from a balanced diet and movement (take the stairs, park away from the door, etc). only an idiot buys into this stuff. ja! lol
  8. Melissa Traybert
    I tried the Swedish Diet and it worked. I was looking up some articles and I see the does not even try out the diets before he writes about them. Pretty lame. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks...
  9. Maggan A
    Melissa you can loose 5 pounds in two weeks with ANY diet. But try the real Swedish diet - LCHF - and the lost pounds never come back again. LCHF is the solution long term
  10. Shannon
    Hey im 12 and i feel obeest, evn though im like 90lbs. and look skinny. soo does it really work?? and how much does it cost???

    btw her friend wrote this for her but these are most of her words... :)

  11. As a Tucson Therapist, I am interested in an integrative care approach to mental health treatment. I understand the importance of diet for people improving their mood and behavior. This website has been great, and these fad diets have been a little disturbing (and somewhat amusing) to read about.
  12. sharon
    hi i'm trying to see if i can get this product called swedish diet please tell me more about it
    Reply: #14
  13. nicole
    I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks using The Swedish Diet liquid and Green Tea system.

    Just because it doesn't use the Swedish LCHF system doesn't mean it doesn't work. They are two different diet systems so you can't compare. What works for one person, may not work for another. Everybody's body chemistry is different. This product is all-natural and FDA approved. Many other diet products are a "magic pill" loaded with chemicals that can cause side-effects doing more harm than good.

    It's not just a magic liquid, this is a boost of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids your body craves while you're dieting and eating less and exercising and moving more. That's how it works. As far as the taste goes, it takes some getting used to but it is NOT as bad as this article claims it to be. Again, different tastes have different opinions. I recommend this diet to many friends and they were pleased with the results as well. One friend lost 3 lbs over the weekend!

    Also, this must be a very old article because the bottle never looked like that since I started using The Swedish Diet. It was JUST reformulated so you only have to drink once a day instead of twice. It is also good for weight maintenance

    You can buy it on their website or find it cheaper here:

  14. nicole
    P.S. I wrote to asking about the name and they responded that the owner of the company who formulated and created the diet system is Swedish. Hence the name. For being an MD, I'd say it's pretty ignorant (and disappointing) to slander a company without doing some factual research first.
  15. Girlgotfit
    I actually lost a lot of weight a few years ago, while on the Swedish diet. So cant complain. Whatever country its from, it works.

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