The problem with low-carb bread

A lot of people miss bread on a low-carb diet. There are lots of special low-carb breads sold in stores, but be careful! They usually suffer from one of two common problems:

  1. The bread is full of carbs and the nutrition information is full of lies
  2. The bread is not edible

A good example of the first problem was Julian Bakery’s low-carb bread. As I wrote earlier it turned out that people’s blood sugar increased just as much as by eating real bread. And when the “low-carb” bread was sent for analysis it turned out to contain 17 times more carbs (!) than specified.

Julian Bakery’s bread used to be an example of the first problem: high-carb bread fraudulently marketed as low-carb.

After being exposed they apparently decided to change the recipe into a truly lower-carb version. Instead of using “Sprouted Whole Grains” i.e. wheat flour as the main ingredient they are now using “Non-GMO Wheat Protein Isolate” i.e. gluten (!) as the number one ingredient. Not very Paleo. The result can be seen in the video above.

Have you found a good option for real low-carb bread? Share it in the comments below.

The best low-carb breads

Earlier about fake low-carb products

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  1. Clara Laub
    My daughter sent me an ebook called Low Carb Gluten Free Yeast Bread Recipes to Slim By. I can't eat gluten and my husband is diabetic and this is just perfect because it only uses coconut flour, flax meal, almond flour, white bean flour (very little of that) and whey protein. I've made the french bread, the cinnamon rolls, the sandwich bread and something else I don't remember but they were wonderful, nice and high - oh, the other was the rye bread - so good. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. Cari Kuehmichel
    I am thinking of ordering my Julian bread because i have terrible trouble getting bugs off my car and keeping my stainless steel appliances streak free when i clean. Way to go Julian bread!!! funny
  3. Smashyface
    @Lauri People are "pining" for it because it is hard to cut bread out of a diet for many diabetics. Bread is one of my favorite things in the world. See, just because you have done something, that doesn't mean everyone else has - so while I am very happy for you to have cut bread out of your diet, don't assume it is that easy for everyone - It kind of makes you sound a tad bit conceded.
  4. Reema
    Ooo, thanks for the belly laugh! :))
  5. Emory
    I'm going to get a loaf or two. It looks like the sponges may last longer than a few rolls of paper towels.
    I recall when "low carb" bread first came out and I tried a few different ones. The amount of wheat gluten in them made them very similar to the bread in the video.
    It's shameful that a company would do such a thing. Of course, "low carb" is a subjective term. Most "low carb" items I see at our grocery are not. They are lower in carbs than a normal food item (low carb tortilla vs tortilla) but not enough to make a difference. I think people see "low carb" and buy it.
  6. Ali
    I do have a delicious low carb bread for you guys to try!!! I'm so happy about it. I found it at sprouts and always have it stocked. The brand is Oasis, and they have two varieties of it among all their other bread varieties. The base is sprouted organic wheat berries!

    I've tried low-carb flaxseed and veggie low-carb. Both are good but the veggie kind does have small bits of carrots, etc. They are 6g impact carbs each. (7g - 1g fiber) Each slice is a bit smaller than a regular slice but it's perfectly sized for me. Try it out and let me know what you guys think

  7. FiFi
    Cindy, how many carbs in each slice of this fantastic-looking bread? You nor the Caveman addressed that IMPORTANT question. Thanks.
  8. Emily
    Any response from Julian's Bakery? I bought some of their bread at Whole Foods. It actuailly falls apart easily, but it is super dry and tasteless without tons of butter and jam or cinnamon sugar!
  9. Emily
    Curious to try some bread products from the Great Low Carb Bread Company. They look promising.
  10. Willa
    I have a store by me that makes their own flax bread, pizza's etc- Zambettis in New city, is a life saver for those of us who still jones carbs.... they make everything on site, the food is very edible and it keeps me from losing it and binging on garbage. While we all strive to be perfect and not crave those lovely, wonderful carbs- some of us are not as strong nor perfect.
    So when comments are made that eating low carb bread is like a vegetarian eating meat- that is basically just mean. I try, I try every day to make the right choices but guess what I don't want to live a life of deprivation. I quit smoking, I quite drinking...but yes I enjoy a sandwich, or a turkey burger with a bun etc so please don't try and shame those of us who are looking for healthy alternatives.
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  11. lu ann
    The video is very funny and makes you think.

    I am trying the LCHF lifestyle but it's not working too well. My husband is doing it with me and works as a sales rep from his car all day. He spends 8 hours in/out of his car with customers and placing phone calls. He MUST have a sandwhich every day for lunch, not because he craves bread, but because of the convenience of eating a sandwhich while driving.

    He does not stop all work and take a lunch break like most people. The sooner he's done with his day, the faster he gets home. His days are typically 12 hours so he's not taking 30 minutes for lunch. So he can't have a salad. he doesn't have a microwave to heat up foods. He just wants to reach into his cooler and pull out a sandwhich and eat it on the road.

    So for him, the no-bread is a deal breaker in this lifestyle. And the other alleged LC bread recipes seem too time consuming and really don't look very appetizing. My husband likes his "regular" bread, not seeds, flax and weirdow stuffs. All other aspects are working out, but the no-bread is the deal breaker and we will be checking out of the LCHF program tomorrow. My husband needs to lose 30 lbs. but we will have to find another way.

    I, however, am still on-board but I don't want to live a different life than everyone else in my house. I wish there was a way, because this really seems like a good lifestyle.

  12. Eddie Mitchell
    Try this super low carb easy to make bread. I have not tried it yet but others who have tell me it's great.

  13. lu ann
    Willa, I am with YOU! This LCHF lifestyle makes lots of sense ... on paper. I have come to learn a lot about how the body reacts to different foods and learned a lot. That said ..... I can reduce the amounts of potatoes/rice/pasta/cereals/processed baked goods we consume but I just can not give them up completely. Not because we crave them, but because we enjoy them.

    Bread is a big staple in our house. My husband works out of his car and it's a convenience. I have kids in school and they want sandwiches for lunch.

    We gave this lifestyle a brief try but I'm the only one in the house who's impressed and wants to continue. I'm the one who buys the food, brings the food into the house and prepares the food. Sooooo, they are at my mercy. I will incorporate some of the things I learned into making a more healthy lifestyle for us but we can't go cold-turkey and do this lifestyle 24/7. Not because we are addicted to food and just come up with excuses, but because we happen to like food and don't want to deprive ourselves of anything. I don't crave a Snickers Bar, but I remember what they taste like and I want to have one today. And so I shall. But I won't have one every day. And I'll try and limit the bad Glycemic index foods as best I can.

    I don't know why anyone would want to deprive themselves and call it a lifestyle.

    My daughter was vegetarian last year and is now vegan. I try not to laugh, sometimes. Maybe she doesn't eat/wear animal products but she eats a lot of vegan junk food. Not sure if her body is a temple or if it's just a fad with her. No matter.

  14. Paula
    I purchased their coconut bread. It was absolutely uneatable! I threw that expensive dry stuff out. I had to drink a gulp of water with every bite I took. Never ordered from them after that expensive disappointing experience!
  15. Adele
    Mahlers Bakery out of CA. They ship 5 loaves for $27! Put straight in freezer.Soy/flaxseed and Vegetable Protein, both for diabetes. Fabulous.
  16. Julie
    I have enjoyed both the pumpernickel and rye types from the Great Low Carb Bread Company. Carbs = 8 gram, fiber = 7 grams. Not only does it satifsfy my bread cravings, but it is a good way to increase my fiber intake. I recommend it for taste!
  17. Mumsies
    Lu ann I have one word for you.....W O W
    Some people just don't get it and talk out of both sides of their mouths. Amazing. Where there is a will, there is a way! These will be the people that fund the physician's retirement plans but not my family. I will post our story on a more appropriate page.
    I make my own "weirdow" bread, oopsie rolls, hamburger buns from portabello mushrooms, and more. It is not difficult.
  18. Michelle
    I order from regularly. They are a bit pricey and the shipping costs are high as well, but as part of a low carb diet, it is worth it for being able to enjoy toast with my soft boiled eggs once in a while or a bagel with a smear of cream cheese, or a hot dog bun with my nitrate free hot dogs.

    I don't recommend the muffins if you live outside of CA, they don't ship very well. The breads are good though. I am a repeat customer.

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  19. erdoke
    It seems to me that the best thing to do is forget about bread altogether.
    I just checked the sesame bread and 3 thin slices contain 24 g of carbs. What's more they come loaded with wheat gluten, wheat protein isolate and other nasty stuff.
  20. Paul
    erdoke, you only need to count the net carbs (total carbs minus fibre) as this is what affects blood sugar, so your 3 slices contain 3g of net carbs. Agree with you about the wheat gluten, etc, though. Anybody have any good low carb, gluten free bread recipes, preferably for bread machine?
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  21. erdoke
    I'm not sure that all fibers are created equal. After all it is not glucose, but insulin that really matters. For me staying away from all grain containing foods remains the best strategy.
  22. Carol
    try this no carb cloud bread recipe...very easy!
  23. Laurac68
    I enjoy a half of an English muffin with my egg beaters and bacon for breakfast. I think it's something like 8 carbs or less. I don't sweat it because, if that's the worst dietary sin I commit, I'll be just fine. I've also found, when I do slip in a few more carbs than planned, it's nothing that a few minutes of extended exercise doesn't take care of in a week or less!
  24. josy bear
    i am eating a low carb bread made from flax seed from a company called healthy joy bakes and its semi edible look it up
  25. Jean Ann Franke
    I have found a great I carb bread at You can buy it fresh baked or as a mix. I have only tried the large loaf Multigrain Bread at $11.95/25slices and the ready baked pizza crust(3/$11.95)t and love them both. They claim that their bread doesn't spike blood sugar and invite users to post their numbers to prove it. I think they even provide the supplies to do it. The only draw back is this is a newer company and they are having a few growing pains to keep up with demand--sometimes not as responsive as they should be.
  26. rick marxkors
    Be sure to subtrack the fiber amount from the total carbs to get a true net carb count.
  27. Dorian Ferrari
    One bread I've used that doesn't affect my blood sugar at all is Mahlers California Lifestyle. It's not that wonderful, but it's one I can handle, especially toasted. Oddly enough the original Julian bread didn't affect my sugar nearly as much as regular bread, but the new stuff is in-edible.
  28. Isabella
    Hi there :)
    I didn't try it yet, but I heard Oopsie rolls are nice ( I can't bake all those other LC breads as coconut and almond flour are ridiculously expensive :/ hope that helps :)
  29. DrM
    I make my own flax seed bread and I love it. I don't buy any low carb products at all, I live in New Zealand where these products are somewhat limited and I just do my research on the net and go from there. I am really starting to LOVE the LCHF life style. My blood sugar's are down to almost normal ranges (I'm diabetic), I've lost a lot of weight, I feel fantastic and I look good too. My husband who previously avowed he would not go on this kind of diet has also joined me and is really enjoying the food as well. Neither of us feels deprived or finds the diet difficult. Cooking is my passion and my hobby and what I've done is simply switch my focus to LCHF recipes and nutrition. Its been interesting, fun and inspiring. Here is a link to the recipe I am about to try out today :)

  30. Karen
    If you're looking for a diet that actually has a number of carbs that are going to be good for you, look up Diane Kress, RD on the net. Have been going through her diet and have found inches melting off as I go through the first two steps. I know it takes time, but making your own bread you'll be sure of what's in it and whether you can deal with it. Found a good recipe on under low-carb bread recipes.
  31. Laynee
    I love Bread and I just bought The Great Bread Company Sourdough (the one Julian’s sells....) Tasted too good to be true. I miss carbs! This lifestyle is hard for me. I am not much of a meat eater and I’m getting sick of eggs... My fave thing is an In and Out Burger Protein style (wrapped in lettuce) but I’m afraid the cheese is American and not good on the diet. I feel very restricted....
  32. Janice
    When Pigs Fly makes a good low carb wheat bread. not soft like regular bread, so not so good as a sandwich, and doesn't soak up egg/milk well for french toast. but as toast, it's really good.
  33. LS
    In the lchf way of eating I've changed to, the group I am in counts total carbs not net carbs, because it is a more accurate count of carb consumption. They follow Dr. Richard Bernstein's plan.
  34. KK
    I think the video is kind of silly to bash low carb bread on flavor and texture. It is obvious that the only way to make it low carb is to substitute fiber carbs for regular digestible carbs to prevent a blood sugar rise. Fiber is Fiber it aint French cuisine. You put mostly fiber in something it wont have the same texture or flavor. I am not foolish enough to expect that something truly low carb will have the same texture and taste as normal bread. Just want something that does not raise the insulin level and serves well enough to have a sandwich or pizza or whatever. So far I have noticed no problems with products from the Great Low Carb Bread Company and they are pretty good. Id be curious to know if any one else has tried them and what has happened with blood sugar after eating.
  35. Naomi Fron
    I purchase Chompies Bread, they have Multigrain, Sesame Seeds and Cinnamon Raisin. The first two have 1 carb per slice and the Cinnamon has 2 carbs per slice. I get it at Sprouts Grocery and it can be ordered online. It has good flavor and texture.
  36. Grant
    A great recipe for LCHF cheesy zucchini bread. I like it.
  37. nancy
    Has anyone tried Low Carb Multi-Grain from bread It touts total carbs at 5.5 with fiber at 4.5. It is absolutely delicious, freezes well, and I'm wondering if its too good to be true? You have to order it online. The actual bakery is in Madison WI. I have tried all the breads listed in these messages, and this is by far the best. Makes me think it might not be correctly labeled. Anyone know anything about it?
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  38. Apicius
    When I see the word "grain", no matter what the other words say on the package, I run away in the other direction.

    So many recipes using almond flour, and other non grain products, on this website. I don't take the risk trusting in marketing, and don't feel that it's worth the risk.

  39. Andrea
    For a really dense German bread version on the low-carb side, although not extremely low carb, 12g carb, 5 g fiber/slice, so 7g net carbs, you may want to try Mestemacher protein bread.
    At least for me it does not effect much my blood sugar, much less then some other lower carb breads. Maybe because the grains and seeds are largely whole or very coarsely shredded it reduced the sugar spike, not sure.
    The bread is most similar to Pumpernickel type bread. Tastes great with cheese. Can be toasted as well. Tastes great for breakfast with some butter and an egg on top.
    It also freezes very well.
  40. Tera
    Does almond flour and coconut flour cause issues with people also? Do grains affect everyone? My hubby is thin and super healthy and has been 22 days in keto woe, he eats way under 20g carbs a day, keeps his protein at 80g and fat at 170g ish and feels nothing no change no keto flu, not a thing. He said he felt fine before and feels no different. Is he just an enigma? He is thinking this is pointless and wants his chips and bread and brown rice. He has organic egg with kerrygold butter and sugar free uncured bacon for breakfast, steak and butter, or pork, or ground beef for lunch with a small spinach small slice of tomato, ham, blue cheese dressing for lunches. Dinner he has chicken and no sugar bbq sauce and pork rinds. A teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Coffee and erythiol and nutpods creamer. He has a 1/4 cup macadamia nuts or 1/4 cup pistachios or a low carb brownie as a snack that is 1 net carb with no crap in it, no grains or sugar.
  41. Lois Waldron
    I tried 'oopsie' bread and did not like it. I did find a couple at Trader Joes with low carbs, 15g per serving. The are made without flour, use sprouted wheat instead. It's dense and makes great toast. if I am missing something in it's ingredients, please let me know. the ingredients list on one has 'cultured wheat flour for freshness' as the very last ingredient; this is because it is the smallest amount of the ingredients. I'd love to hear someone with more expertise than I have check them out and let me know if it's ok to continue. I do not eat it daily, occasionally only. I do make bread and have been looking for a recipe to use, I'm also trying to modify some so I can have it without guilt. the less ingredients the better, I'm sure.
  42. Tom
    I make LC bread out of a mix of Oat Fiber, Psyllium husk powder, and Coconut flour. Proportions 2:2:1. Add a little baking soda (powder has starch), egg whites, mix, and bake. Trick is to get it to stay up, and not fall after leaving the oven. The psyllium holds moisture, and makes it less bad than all others. Even a little bit good. But it is soluble fiber, and so it is not completely carb inert. If I eat too much, my ketones will disappear. A little moderation, like using it to sop up my bacon fat when having bacon and eggs, and it is a welcome addition. Even when it falls, as it frequently does, it really gets me past the "I wish I had some bread" laments. And the fiber is very useful, on the LCHF diet, where keeping the guts moving can be a challenge.
  43. Karen
    I don't miss bread but the convenience of bread actually makes a difference when traveling or out and about. This is how I fell off the LCHF wagon in the first place, when you're backpacking through Europe or attending a baseball game there aren't a ton of options and fine I'll just have the bread. And then it was just 'easier' to make a sandwich. this was because I wasn't planning well and didn't have the right food or ENOUGH of the right food. I wasn't willing to spend the time perusing menus, making a meal plan, and then shopping to the menu/meal plan. But I also don't want to die of Type 2 diabetes and my family has terrible health genes so I am making it more of a priority than I ever have before. I went to a brunch last weekend and I ate an omelet before I left since I didn't know what the menu was. I had to run to meetings this morning so I decided I would fast instead of 'letting' myself grab a breakfast sandwich.

    I'm going to a baseball game on the weekend and am going to pack a tupperware with hard boiled eggs, sausage and cheese cubes, and cucumber cubes, with a plastic bag of almonds for a snack. In the past I would have said "oh well I'll just eat a hamburger, it's too hard" but it's not, I just have to plan and buy and prioritize the arrangement above anything else.

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  45. Cindy
    The bread recipe on this site is wonderful. Nice and springy like regular bread. It's a keeper in this household for tuna sandwiches, blt's...... word of advice when making it. Do NOT use the kitchenaid. You won't get the springyness. 2nd patch I used my hands and it turned out perfect.
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  46. Carly
    OMG! Sooooo funny!!! I can't stop laughing - great job!
  47. Gary
    I love Schmidt's Old Tyme bread, with 6 net carbs, and those new "English muffins" by Mikey's muffins for Paleo diets with 1 net carb.
    Also, the correct spelling is conceited, not conceded, which has an entirely different meaning. Thanks.
  48. Marcio
    Hi guys, im new at this Low Carb Diet thing, tell me something, a strict Ketosis is 20gr of carbs a day, is that the all carbs, or do we need to always substract the fiber, so for example if it says 40gr carbs and 25 fibers, thats infact only 15gr carbs that matter for this diet? - Thanks in advance!
  49. Jennifer
    I make my bread with almond flour. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, raw honey, eggs . It doesnt take that long to make and altho its a little on the dry side its better than no bread at all. I found the recipe on pinterest . There is actually alot of recipes for almond bread and coconut bread on pinterest.
  50. Judie
    Cindy, which recipe are you talking about? I'd like to try it.
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