The Pope and the Prime Minister go low carb

A lot of smart people seem to be cutting down on the carbs these days. After gaining some weight Pope Francis has apparently been told by his doctors to cut back on pasta:

TIME: Pope Francis Told to ‘Eat Less Pasta’ by Doctors

He then joins British Prime Minister who recently said he’s giving up bread in a “great patriotic struggle” with his weight.

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  1. Nan
    Good for the Pope! We are going back to what everyone accepted in my youth, which was that eliminating sweets and starches was the way to attack excess fat. A long time lost in the desert following the so-called "whole" foods, and processed junk, path. Those decades of avoiding real science, is a great testament to the power of advertising, especially when aided by government nutrition advice.

  2. erdoke
    Funny, i just read a few minutes ago that David Cameron now cuts back on cookies and peanuts as well. :)
  3. tz
    St. Francis said "preach always, sometimes use words". Our bodies are a good example.

    It is hard to preach for fortitude and temperance, or against gluttony with too much girth.

    At least he is being given the advice to cut the carb addiction. Before I went LCHF, I tried doing harsh dieting - I think the flagellants suffered less - but didn't lose much weight for all the suffering, and even that came back. Then I went LCHF. Aside from a bit of carb flu (I didn't know to do bullion or other salt during the switch into ketosis), there was no suffering. In fact, while my fat was burning, I had none, but had to eat some small meals so I would get protein and the other nutrients.

    Gluttony is a deadly sin, but the problem is mostly that the foods we are "recommended" (maybe the devil IS in the details) are addictive and fattening.

  4. Galina L.
    It was funny to read the reaction on the PM diet change
    "Director Gordon Polson said: 'To David Cameron, and anyone else who is cutting bread from their diet this January in the hope of losing weight, we urge them not to act so fast.

    'Cutting bread from the diet could lead to compromising other essential nutrient intakes, such as fiber, calcium, protein and magnesium.

    'For those keeping fit, such as David Cameron who is a keen runner, starchy foods such as bread are crucial for keeping energy levels up.

    'Not to mention bread is packed full of dietary fiber, keeping you fuller for longer, which could help Mr Cameron resist the temptation of reaching for that mid-afternoon snack or nibbling between meals.'"

    I use to be unable to avoid snacking too, and eating even whole grain sprouted bread didn't keep me full longer.

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  5. Janknitz
    Let's just say I work in a non-health related "advocacy" field. It's not appropriate for me to discuss diet, but the topic of health comes up because the people who seek my services are often in need of services because of health crises. I get so frustrated that I can't say anything about diet, but it's really not appropriate.

    Today a client called with a long story of woe that included RA, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, she broke her leg and had a tear in the knee meniscus that are not healing. Oh, and she has IBS as well. She called me for non-health related advice (something it turned out I could not help her with anyway except to give her a referral) but all I wanted to do is say "Lady, you need to overhaul your DIET if you want to get out of this terrible situation you are in!" Of course I did not. But it's very frustrating not to be able to say that!

    Meanwhile, a relative is having complications from CHEMOTHERAPY she is trying to improve her fibromyalgia. But she will not try simple dietary intervention because "it's too hard." Why is that too hard, but spending 6 hours in the ER to have her bladder catheterized because the edema from chemo caused her urethra to swell is not hard???

    And my very best friend in the entire world, who has had years of chemo to treat her Lupus, now has developed melanoma, and she has NO immune system left to fight it. I'm devastated.

    How is it that the medical profession can load people with toxic chemicals that destroy one system to treat another before they even suggest trying a dietary change??? If nothing else it's an absolute failure to give informed consent!

  6. Solomon
    Janknitz: That is mental slavery, they have won, at least for now. We have abdicated all responsibility for our well being. Meanwhile those we look up to to fix it have other goals which do not always coincide with our interests.
  7. Amy
    That is awesome! I've been doing low carb for 2 years now and I've lost a ton of weight. What really helped me get started was a 21 day sugar detox. You can check it out here if you want!
  8. BobM
    Those people are simply wrong. Fiber does not keep you full. I used to eat brown rice and beans for dinner, and the carb hit had my blood sugar so high, I'd be hungry basically immediately after I stopped eating. Meanwhile, I can eat basically no fiber and not be hungry for hours. Fiber does not delay hunger at all.
  9. tony
    Gluttony is a deadly sin!
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  10. Brian
    Is losing weight as fast as possible, without feeling hungry all the time, really the goal? It's regretful to see an argument for a healthy diet framed as a choice between high fat and low fat, or between high carb and low carb. Let's not forget why the LCHF diet 'works'.
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  11. Galina L.
    Actually, the goal is not the best crash diet, but rather the working long-term diet regiment which will not require an extraordinary will power , because very long-term diets which are hard to follow will not work.
  12. Zepp
    Gluttony is a sin.. I think Pope if any know that.. so it must be Insulin then.. problem solved.. less pasta! ;)
  13. Jim
    I'm actually convinced that bad dietary advice killed Robin Williams.

    He had a history of alcoholism and depression, and followed a raw vegan diet after undergoing heart surgery. He then got Parkinson's and his depression worsened, up to the point where he took his own life.

    As we know, LCHF/Keto works against depression, Parkinson's, and even cardiovascular disease. Whereas raw vegan does not seem to work in the long run.

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  14. Pierre
    " Gordon Polson, director of the Federation of Bakers, "

    Bakers are probably afraid of their business if people start to follow Cameron diet.

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  15. Galina L.
    sure, the director of the Federation of Bakers has to do or say what is expected in his position, but I was listening to the same mantra while growing up - eat bread at every meal, or you will be hungry, bread is a sacred most essential food in a human diet. Many do live by that principle.
  16. Kas in Australia
    I absolutely believe you are 100% on the nail with this line of thinking... how sad is that though losing greats like Robin Williams.... Imagine if the current Pope and other world leaders in the arts, politics and sciences got more than superficial guidance to cut pasta and bread and were also advised to increase healthy fats and hit their protein macros first as well as chomping down on nutrient dense greens and colourful non starch vegetables.

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