The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

Do doctors treat type 2 diabetes completely wrong today – in a way that actually makes the disease worse? Many people would correctly say yes. There’s a better way.

What is the perfect treatment for type 2 diabetes – and for weight loss? Many people would say a strict LCHF diet – I would have said that myself, at one time. But that may just be a good start.

Many readers have told me about the Canadian nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung and his exciting work. But it was only recently that I got to meet him and record this interview.

Dr. Fung

Dr. Fung treats people with severe type 2 diabetes, and to them LCHF may not be effective enough – even if it’s a good starting point. Dr. Fung has found something significantly more effective. And as a side effect it’s also likely to be the world’s most effective method for weight loss, whether you have diabetes or not.

In this 12 minute interview – that you can see above – he goes through all the basics.

Observe: This treatment is extremely effective. If you have diabetes and take blood sugar lowering medication (especially insulin injections) you may need to reduce the doses a lot to avoid potentially dangerous hypoglycemia. You may instantly become too healthy for your medication.

More knowledge

There is a 32 minute second part to the interview, where Dr. Fung goes through many more practical tips and answers common questions. This second part is on the membership pages (free one month trial):

The Perfect Treatment for Diabetes and Weight Loss – full interview

Here are a few of the things Dr. Fung mentions in the full interview:

  • Different lengths of fasting that work well (including very extreme options)
  • Why people usually find it much easier to fast then they believe
  • Possible side effects and how to handle them
  • Additional health benefits of fasting
  • Medicines that can be problematic when fasting
  • What reactions he gets from the doctors and dietitians he works with
  • Do you still need to eat breakfast?
  • And much more

All this and much more you can learn in the second 32 minute part, on the membership site.


Membership also gives you immediate access to video courses, more interviews and movies about health and weight loss, among other things.

If you choose to stay a member for more than one month you’ll support the Diet Doctor website and our long-term mission of revolutionizing the health of humankind. You’ll join over 40 000 members that are powering our rapid growth.

The Perfect Treatment for Diabetes and Weight Loss – full interview

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  1. George Morgan
    It's all about the money for you too. I thought you might be different from the other medical hacks who are out to make a buck. Sad to see you join the circus with money grabbing subscription schemes.
    Replies: #2, #5, #11, #27
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I'm sorry to hear you feel that way.

    These videos are not free to produce and my co-worker who travelled to the conference in South Africa to help record it and works full-time editing videos deserve a fair wage. As do I, perhaps. I'm sure you are paid at work too, right?

    Personally as founder and owner I'm paid a doctor's salary like before. I have not been paid a single extra dollar during the seven years I've run this site and the earlier Swedish version (easy to control in public tax documents) nor do I plan to ever be paid more. I don't need it.

    Our members make it possible to expand this site rapidly and do everything we can to help more people - with zero ties to corporate sponsorships, ads or special edible products. We take our credibility very seriously.

  3. Stephen
    George speaks emotionally, from ignorance. It is a blessing to many of us that someone like Dr. Eenfeldt is willing to do such an important job as running this site, and to do it for a relatively small salary -- given his training and expertise. He is not doing this to get rich, but because he sees it as his mission. This site is going to help many people back to good health. But, alas, nothing in this world is free. Someone must pay for it. I, for one, am happy to make my small contribution, as a member.

    George, be honorable and apologize for your hasty, wholly undeserved words of criticism.

  4. Susan
    I think what you are doing is amazing, I believe in your approach, and I don't at all begrudge your getting paid for your work. But as a retiree on a fixed income, I'd like to know how much the subscription will cost, so I can budget for it, if it will be affordable. for me. Could you please tell the cost up front?
    Also, can you please give daily meal plans? I have cut out sugar and drastically reduced carbs, but have a problem figuring out how much of which fats are advisable., especially since I have high blood pressure, and conventional medicine still insist fats are bad. If detailed meal plans are - or will be - available on the membership site, it would make a difference to my decision to join.
    Thank you - for your work as well as for your response to these requests.
    Reply: #6
  5. Hanno Visagie
    No honest LCHF follower can deny the expanding money grabbing circus that George Morgan is alluding to.
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    If you continue past the free trial month it's $9 per month. But feel free to just use the trial, that's fine.

    We're planning to add more recipes and meal plans. This however will be free without signing up.

  7. Eddie Mitchell
    With you 100% Andreas. My little team have been paying for website hosting and blogging to help diabetics for almost seven years, with over two million page views. The thank you's are thin on the ground. So many takers in this world and so few givers. You are great at what you do, and I believe you have helped countless people, including me, with your hard work and mass of posted great free information.

    It appears some are angry that you should want to expand on what you have done, perish the thought you need to earn a living to provide for your fantastic family. The tide is turning against big pharma and junk food, you have played a big part in this, as have people like Dr. Jason Fung.

    The very best of luck and health to you and yours.

    With kind regards and great respect.


  8. Bill
    It seems that we are re-visting all that was known as long 100 years ago about how to treat diabetes. As someone who is now in my 60's with a mother who was type 1 diabetic and her father before her, I have known and understood how to help control diabetes for many years. In the 50's ,60'S and at least some of the 70'S anyone with diabetes was treated firstly with diet, essentially LCHF. Then the new government diet advice came into being. As we all know, well at least all of us who have taken the time to do our own thinking and research have found out , the advice is rubbish, based on awful science and perpetuated by the pharmaceutical and grain based industries who've managed to permeate the very core of modern medical science and dietary advice. I like what Andreas is doing but the reality is he, and his team, are revitalising a lost dietry way.
    When I was growing up it was recognised that if you were putting on weight then you simply cut out sugar, starch (potatoes) and grain. Interestingly in the UK in the 60"s we didn't eat much rice and pasta; no one knew much about it as a food.
    I had several conversations with medical professionals about my mother's inability to stabilise her blood sugar from the early '80's onwards. The conversation went something like 'you should not be recommending that my mother eats large amounts of fruit and bread, she's diabetic'. 'Ah but you don't understand, we have very sophisticated insulin now she can cover any blood sugar issues with it'. I now have a son in law with type 1, he is 30 years old and already has diabetes complications. Why? Because of the advice issued to my mother who has passed away now- basically you can eat what you like, you just have to 'shoot yourself up' at the right time.

    What is happening now is a travesty. People are being led down a poly-pharma route when the truth is there is no need for this whatsoever. I have been LCHF for over twenty years and I am alive and very well. What Andreas is doing is not new but it would seem to be helping people.
    The epidemic of carbohydrate intolerance is actually the result of crap food that was promoted post war. Breakfast cereal and bread have been promoted relentlessly since the '50s, my generation (in the UK) is the first to experience type 2 diabetes, we ate cereals, were told that '6 slices (of bread) is the well balanced way', then we were encourage to go low fat and high carbohydrate- I think we know what the outcome has been . I don't have a single colleague I work with in the US, in their mid- 50"s and above who don't have health problems; blood pressure, cholesterol ( not that is a problem IMHO), diabetes metabolic syndrome and fatty liver.

    The solution to obesity and everything that goes with it is so simple and so easy. But since diet is not patentable, it's going to be a long hard slog. We are fighting stupid dogma, it will take a while. Andreas and his team are helping, quite honestly $9 a month for good health advice, it's nothing.

  9. Ivor Cummins
    Hey Bill

    Your letter struck me as being a perfect summary of the diabetes disaster - hope you don't mind me posting it :-)

  10. Sandy Whisman
    Dr. Eenfeldt, I am thrilled with the website! I am still in my free month, but plan to continue as a paid customer. I watched my grandmother die of complications of diabetes. My mother passed away last November from diabetes complIcations. I am determined to live a long healthy life and with your help I will do just that. Thank you sincerely.
  11. Lori Miller
    This comment reminds me of a sign I saw at a gas station: if you need a penny, take a penny. If you need money, get a job.

    If you need tips on low-carb diets, this site (along with thousands of others) are chock full of them for free. If you want detailed, professionally presented information, you'll probably have to shell out for books or videos.

  12. drew bridge
    what about hypoglycaemics...if I fasted id be falling over within 6-12 hours.
    Replies: #14, #18, #23, #75
  13. Tony Hartshorne
    I agree with Bill. I think the way I ate as a child during the war (WW11) helped me to avoid being diabetic. I have always had problems with mild overweight as I seem to have a very low metabolism. Since I have been on the LCHF regime I have lost 6 kilos and have no problem maintaining my weight. I do however have pressure from my GP to take a cholesterol lowering medication which I am loathe to do as he thinks my diet is contributing to high cholesterol. I don't want this medication but I need some good advice. Can anyone assist?
    Replies: #16, #32
  14. Zepp
    Are you sure its hypoglycemia?

    Its quite unusal to get real hypoglycemia on fasting.. its more comon to get cravings for anything to eat.. its like an addiction!

  15. Patricia
    I've had a really hard time losing weight with LCHF in the past. I'm wondering if a membership would even help at all in using these principles to lose weight. I am a food addict and binge often, even on LCHF foods.
    Replies: #17, #21, #25
  16. Zepp
    You seems to be in the same position as me, lost some weight and get better lipids, but they are not perfect?

    I altso have a lot of statins to pick up if I want to.. some doctors says it frankly, they dont think its a good drug but they are forced to prescribe it!

    However.. lucky you, the man in post 9 have a lot to tell you, sorting it out.. and he have a nice radio voice so its not difficult to listen to his lecture!

    "The Cholesterol Conundrum - and Root Cause Solution"

  17. Zepp
    I dont know if its related to you, but binging is often about addiction.. I.E. its often about dopamine!

    One get a dopamine kick.. and thats a feel good hormone.. its purpose is to stregnhten good behaviors.. and your brain loves high energy levels.

    And then.. its more about lack of other sources to get dopamine kicks of.. or a way to counteract other feelings in ones life.

  18. Lori Miller
    I'm with you--the one time I tried to fast, my blood sugar fell all day, according to my BG meter. I was also tired, had a headache...and I was hungry! I ended my fast with a binge--the only one of my life. I do better with smaller meals and snacks and rarely skip meals.

    Every year, there's some fad in the LC/paleo world--fasting, resistant starch, eating a c***-ton of vegetables, eating fat bombs to stay in ketosis, etc. Try them if you like; abandon them if they don't work for you.

  19. JW
    @Patricia..have you tried lowering protein and replacing with more good fats? I know people give this advice all the time and I rejected for so long thinking it would make me overeat and gain. It works! Weight moving down and BS lowest ever. You may overeat first few days but then satiety kicks in. I don't want to be too dramatic but I feel feeding myself with good fats has cured my binge eating from a life time of depriving myself with low calorie, LFHC eating. Trust me that I have tried every single med/hack/counselling to cure my BED but I believe my body/brain needed to be fed with the right food. When I transitioned to LC I thought eating loads of meat would fix my hunger, but it never seemed to give me satiety. I would be picking at leftovers an hour or so later. Eating higher fat also allows me to fast easier and longer.
  20. Bill
    Please visit Dr Malcolm Kendrick's blog. He is a a leading light in the fight against Statin drugs. These are dangerous, essentially non efficacious drugs. They lower LDL cholesterol, but for a lot of people, at a huge cost to the patients general well-being. Cholesterol is one of the most essential substances in the self regulating human system, lowering it artificially is at best stupid. I have taken them; poison is, at least in my experience, in the dose. At 20mg/day you may not see too many side effects, at 40mg things start to happen. You could also visit Wayne Graveline's site; Do not be swayed by your physician on this. they don't have the either the insight or interest in your health you may think they have.
  21. Patricia
    Thank you for the feedback Zepp and JW. I have looked for answers to my food addiction for years. I've read everything under the sun about brain chemistry and how and why eating disorders exists. I came to LCHF as a last resort, after years of failing at low carb diets. I've not lost neither hunger nor weight on LCHF after a full year- and I have 120lbs to lose. The next step for me will be weight loss surgery although I was really hoping to find a better way. My guess is that I'm still overeating on LCHF and would love to find a menu plan - with specific daily food intake qty - prescribed to me. Unsure if this is available via memberships.
    Reply: #22
  22. LyndaF

    I too can easily binge eat while staying on LCHF. I have found that there are certain foods that act as triggers: cheese, chocolate, nuts. Once I start eating these, the floodgates open and I will start eating other foods, including peanut butter (also a problem) and ice cream (way too high in sugar!). Last summer I discovered that I am histamine intolerant. It so happens that cheese and chocolate (and nuts to some degree) are choc-full of histamine. I'm not sure, but I think that the histamine might have something to do with it for me. Chicken skin seems to be another trigger -- also high in histamine!

    For the last 2 weeks, I have been doing intermittent fasting -- only eating dinner. Roast chicken with skin threw me off one evening in that I started overeating after dinner, but the fasting again the next day helped me get it under control. Fasting seems to work for me -- I just rode 100 km today completely fasted (since the night before) without any difficulty. I drink salt water to stay hydrated along the way. Dinner sure was good tonight!

  23. LyndaF
    Are you eating LCHF now? Before I started eating low carb, there was no way that I could have fasted -- I used to have to eat a snack every couple of hours or I would get hunger, shaky and irritable. However with LCHF, I cut out after dinner snacks, then morning snack, and afternoon snack. Then I was able to skip breakfasts occasionally or lunch. For the past 2 weeks I've been eating only dinner (sometimes a bit of seaweed or chicken broth in the afternoon -- it's important to keep salt intake up). I find that when I start to lag, I drink some saltwater to stay hydrated, which perks me up a lot, especially first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon. I sometimes get mildly hungry while fasting, but the saltwater helps; it's not unbearable and quickly goes away. I don't get cravings for food either; I'm just appreciative of my dinner!

    I think if you wanted to fast, you might consider working towards very low carb and moderate protein first to help gear you towards burning fat.

  24. JW
    @LyndaF yes nuts (except macadamias), cheese & chocolate are problematic, as well as cream for me. They do seem to open the floodgates. See my husband can count out a few nuts or a few squares of dark chocolate and be happy with that, but something in those little suckers cause a head explosion for me. If I stick to avoc/fish/olives/eggs/butter/veggies I'm fine but every now and again I will read a new blog or study extolling the virtues of nuts and I start to make excuses that I should incorporate them. I've been LC for years and only recently upped the fat/lowered meat, but even still I'm dealing with adaption issues, I have no energy to exercise anymore, maybe I should up the broth.
  25. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    I've had a really hard time losing weight with LCHF in the past. I'm wondering if a membership would even help at all in using these principles to lose weight. I am a food addict and binge often, even on LCHF foods.

    Food addiction is one of the things we're focusing on as it's quite often a contributing cause to obesity and type 2 diabetes. It's also a situation where an LCHF diet helps but is not enough.

    At the moment we have one 13-minute and one 19-minute interview on the membership site with an expert on the subject – about what food addiction is and tools to handle it.

    We plan to do a series of course videos on the subject with her soon – with much more on how best to stay free of relapses.

    Here's a short version:

    Reply: #42
  26. Ali
    I have massive respect for Dr Fung (and Dr Eenfeldt of course). I wasn't hugely overweight but wasn't shifting much by low carb alone. i started doing 18hr fasts about a month ago (I follow Dr Fung's blog) and at last, the weight is shifting. It's very empowering to be able to exercise a level of control I initially thought would be beyond me but it does get easier as the weeks fly by. Drs Fung and Eenfeldt are dietary revolutionists and I'd like to say thanks to both of them.
  27. Murray
    George Morgan, your indictment that Dr. Eenfeldt has become another one of the other "medical hacks" who are out to make a buck is libellous. Consider issuing an apology and asking Dr. Eenfeldt to remove your comment. If you genuinely believe he is out to make a buck, then you should fear a very expensive lawsuit and, due to the large viewership, damages that could be substantial.
    Reply: #29
  28. SP
    I'm Type 2. Without insulin, I've found I cannot eat *anything* without spiking. Not even an egg.

    It's been 4 years since diagnosis. I was put on insulin right away. No other meds. My dose has not increased over the past 3 years.

    Currently (and over the past 3-3/4 years or so), I eat less than 30g carbs per day.

    How long is it possible to fast? It seems to me I would need to fast pretty much permanently, if I want to give up insulin.

    It may be worth it! But it doesn't seem possible.

  29. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I would never even dream of suing someone for offering his sincere feedback. That would be awful.

    I appreciate all feedback even if I do not personally feel it's correct in this case. It is, however, my responsibility (not George's) to make our intentions totally clear and transparent. There's obviously still a lot of work to do in that regard.

    Reply: #37
  30. Dom
    Is it still considered fasting while drinking tea with cream? i would think 'technically' not.

    That is how I have been doing it, and it has worked, though I suppose fasting does mean eating less, so that could be a factor. When i say it worked, I mean in one week I lost half a stone.

  31. Jeanne
    Dr. Eenfeldt,

    Thanks for this video. It really came at a time when I needed it and I signed up to be a member a few days ago. I had gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy about 2.5 years ago. When it ended, the diabetes didn't go away and now I have type 2 diabetes. My biggest complaint is focusing on 'curing' type 2 diabetes with weight loss. While I understand this is needed for a lot, please understand that type 2 diabetes occurs in thin people as well. When I was first diagnosed I started a low carb diet (didn't really focus on high fat) and quickly lost 15 lbs. At that time I also fasted once a week when blood sugar was high as this was very clear to me a way to reduce my blood sugar.

    At that point I was too thin (109 lbs at 5'7"). I was told how awful I looked and my doctor told me I must gain weight (I also lost my period which has yet to return in 2.5 years). Then I gained the 15 lbs back (thanks to nuts, cheese, and red wine). Because of my menstruation issues I added carbs back into my diet (around 100 g per day). All that did was raise my A1C to 6.5%. Therefore, this week I am back to low carb diet and hope to focus more on the high fat (as I think before I was probably more high protein). I plan to do a 16 hr, 8 hr fast 2x a week on this diet as well. I am hoping the high fat will help with the hormones and bring back my period.

    Please also create videos to help Type 2 Diabetics maintain their weight and control blood sugar. I tend to get very hungry. I can control the hunger for about 4 days and then end up binge eating. I think I need this to maintain my weight. My weight is stable, but if I don't binge eat 2x week, I start to lose about 1 lb a week, which I can't do. Please understand that not all Type 2 Diabetics are over weight and some need to keep weight on to be healthy.


    Reply: #33
  32. pal
    @Tony Hartshorne, Dr. Eenfeld has numerous cholesterol articles on this site that will give you the best advice you'll ever need:

    I've been in your same boat. I was convinced that statins were a folly. So the first thing I did was to change my GP. To avoid foolish arguments,I've never told my current GP that I eat LCHF. If he insists on prescribing statins, I take the script but never fill it at the pharmacy. To my knowledge, there is no way that the GP would ever know whether or not I filled his prescription. And if he compelled me to fill the prescription, what is he going to do? Monitor me 24/7 to ensure I take the pills? I could always "forget" to take the pills or refuse to take them because I cannot stand the side effects.

    Bottom line: Tony, you are in control.

  33. Zepp
    We know that about 80% of the type 2 diabetics is obese, and 20% is normal or low weight!

    We altso know that type 2 diabetes is several different diseases whit the same sympthomes.

    Moste is hevely insulin resistante, others have problems whit incretin hormones.. others with the ability to excrete insulin pulsatively.. and there are probably more?

    The first thing to get rid of is the high insulin levels.. by eating food that dont need that much insulin.

    The second thing if one is insulin resistante is to fast.. to make your cells more sensitive for insulin signaling.. it means that ones pancreas dont need to excret that much insulin for the same work.

    Another way to get better insulin sensivety is to excersise.. it make your cells allocating more GLUT4.. and one deplet some of the glucose in the cell.

    Reply: #34
  34. Jeanne
    I don't have insulin resistance. The last time my insulin was checked the range was 3 - 25 mU/L and I was at a 4.6 mU/L. I don't have high insulin in my blood stream. They have no idea why I have high blood sugar. "You just do." is what I am told.
    Reply: #35
  35. Zepp
    Thats another cause, to low insulin!

    A study in Sweden reveled that our understanding of diabetes is uppside down.

    Its more common to get type 1 in older age and one have to make all necesery test to reveal wich one have!

    They found that if one have low insulin, low c-peptid, antibodys and high blood sugar they have type 1!

    Othervise if they have high insulin, high c-peptide, no antibodys, high blood sugar, they have type 2!

    There are others too, LADA, bad incretin hormones.. and others.

    And if your insulin is low.. by any cause.. glukagon goes beserk and rise your blood sugar.

  36. Walter
    Hi Andreas, when you fasting, the only thing you can do is drink water....????

    A fasting to have at least something of benefits could be, skip a meal, like breakfast, or 24hs fasting, or a couple of hours, or may be skip breakfast, lunch and diner, but eat some low carb snacks every 2 hours, could works

    Please some advices on fasting.

  37. Mark
    I think that he's upset because it has always been free and assumed to be done by you because you want to help people. It's also assumed that you, as a doctor, make a very good living, much better than most. At almost 10,000 subscribers at $9/month, that's a lot of money. I don't begrudge you a living and have no idea how much it costs to have this site and it's content. George assumes that you are now making about $90,000/month for roughly the same content and work as before. I doubt that that is true but an increase of that magnitude would cause speculation. I enjoy what you do and will enjoy what you do in the future. I don't know if I can subscribe because I am on a fixed income and will have to choose between something that I already spend money on and your membership fee. I hope that I can work it out but, if not, will still continue looking for information on LCHF. Good luck to you in your new endeavors. I am sure that it will help people, as it has done in the past. And, no, I don't feel that you are trying to just make it all about the money. If I did, I would have simply left the website and never returned. Thank you for your work.
    Reply: #39
  38. Jayne
    Awesome video, thanks very much - will have to watch it again to catch all the info I missed (maybe take notes next time lol).

    I'm also interested in more info on fasting (like Walter).

  39. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Fair questions. I've never taken a bigger salary than a regular doctor's one (very easy to check in public tax records) and plan to never do it in the future either. I don't need it anyway. And there are no investors in the organization so not a single dollar will ever get lost to "profits".

    The resources from the membership are growing big already and we'll use them *all* to the best of our abilities to make a huge change in the world. We are now six employees and even more freelancers and our organization is growing very rapidly.

  40. MissusGrinch
    Dr Jason Fung's Youtube channel:
    He has a number of presentations on how are diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity and cancer linked to our diet.
  41. BobM
    If anyone has questions about fasting and T2 diabetes or how to fast (including what's allowed), you should read Dr. Fung's website. He answers many of these questions.
  42. Patricia
    Thank you for taking the time to respond Doc. I would have no objection to membership whatsoever if I know it will help me in the long run. $9.99 a month is far less than what I can spend on binging when my addiction takes over. I do have a very active eating disorder and hoping to find solution if not at least some relief. I will checkout the free month trial. Thank you!
  43. Iris
    Since I cannot find a way to contact and find out why my credit card is constantly rejected, how can I join and have my card not rejected? I am so frustrated as I need help this round of LCHF as I am now diabetic and not controlled. Please help someone ..
    Replies: #44, #45
  44. Zepp
    Make a call to your card company and ask if they got some problems?
  45. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor

    For customer support please email me at

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

  46. TlFont
    Dear Dr. Andreas;
    I just watched your interview with Dr. Jason Fung. I agree with all he said. I've been Type 2 diabetic since 1986. But I have a dilemma-for 4 months I entered the eating plan of LCHF and lost 40 pounds. I was exercising regularly also. But instead of lowering my blood sugar, it went the opposite way--200-400!! I don't understand why that has happened and by strong coercion by my doctors I'm back on insulin. Can you give any insight on this???
    Replies: #47, #48
  47. Zepp
    First of all.. Im not Andreas!

    At the second.. type 2 diabetes is several diseases whith the same symptomes.

    And if you eats LCHF there are no chanse that your glucose levels comes frome your food.. I.E. not frome carbs!

    Then there are several conditions that can rise ones BS, first is starving, second is insulin resistance, and at three your ability to secret insulin is diminshed.. but that is very uncommon!

    At four.. its to little fat in your diet?

    If one cut carbs one need to increase fat.. othewise your body make glucose!

    Let us be frank, its glukagon that rise your BS.. at least this is the normal thing!

    Could be one of those reasons I named.

    Take a check on fat and calories.

    1, one can go for Dr Fungs approche and fast to get rid of

  48. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    After three decades of T2 diabetes it's possible you're no longer able to produce all the insulin you need. It sounds like you quit taking insulin injections and your blood glucose skyrocketed, correct? If so you need appropiate doses of insulin even when on an LCHF diet and/or fasting. The required doses will be significantly lower than on an average diet but they will not be zero. Discuss it with your doctor.
  49. Joy Glory
    I could not take metformin due to a damaged kidney. So they put me on glipizide 5 mg/day.
    I did not want to take anything but my sugars were up in the 200s. For a short time
    I took glipizide, then suddenly the doctor took me off it because they decided I was developing
    low blood sugar (which I wasn't, but they wouldn't listen). So I went without the medicine for
    a few months. When I tested my blood sugar it was very high. Over 200. I got scared and
    went back on glipizide. This time it didn't work as well.

    Is there any benefit in taking glipizide for a short time while starting the low carb

    Would it be safer to take glipizide for a short time to keep sugars down while implementing
    the new diet? I do exercise but I think I need to do more. I am so tired that it is hard for
    me to do more than 30 min/day exercise now.

    I am concerned that high blood sugar levels over 200 could damage my health so this
    would be a short term crutch while I implement the new diet and start fasting and
    increase my exercise.

    Thank you.

  50. Joy Glory
    This is for everyone: one possible cause or contributor to high blood sugar can be some commonly prescribed medications. This may not affect everyone. I have read that, for
    example, statins which are prescribed to supposedly lower cholesterol can cause high
    blood sugar (they can also cause dementia type problems and others), and I believe there
    are other medications which can cause high blood sugar.

    It might help to research any medications you are taking online, look carefully and go in

    I'm sure there can be other causes as well but this is one I learned by reading a book written
    by a holistic MD.

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