The Paleo Event of the Year: AHS 2012

Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

The tickets are about to be released for this year’s biggest event for Paleo fans. Last year’s Ancestral Health Symposium was a massive success. Most big names were there and the tickets were sold out months in advance.

This year’s version promises to be even bigger and better. The venue has been changed to the East coast, at Harvards.

I will be presenting again about a hot topic (my presentation from AHS 2011 is heading for 100,000 views on YouTube, pretty cool).

On March 1st you can get a ticket if you attended last year, on March 2nd the tickets are released for everyone.

Will you join us?

Info and tickets for Ancestral Health Symposium 2012


  1. Wish I could go! But between going to study in Sweden in the beginning of the summer and moving at the end of August, I think I'll have to hope for 2013 ...
    Hopefully some (yours, Andreas!) of the lectures will be recorded and up on the web for later reviewing. :-)
  2. This is highly recommended!
  3. DesertTomte
    Can't wait! We'll see you there!
  4. Bernardo
    Why was the cool logo transformed into a tree?
  5. I plan to attend, too! I went to school there and haven't been back for a while; the symposium is a great reason to go. I'm looking forward to hearing so many of my paleo/primal teachers.
  6. Would have loved to go to this...
  7. Valerie
    It's not in Los Angeles anymore?!? :( I found out about the AHS a month too late, but was excited at the prospect of going next year. Now I can't afford it. :( Hopefully they will alternate and I can go to the next one.
  8. @Valerie says: I would bet they take it back to the west coast next time, but it's great for those of us on the east coast to have it in Cambridge.
  9. JAUS
    Perfect human diet DVD is now availible for sale. Watch the trailer:


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