The Over-Medicated Population

Doctors are misinformed, patients are misled and millions of people are taking medication with no benefit for them. – Dr. Aseem Malhotra

The problem of over-medication is growing rapidly, and some people are making tons of money from of it. Who loses? That would be the people: you, me and our friends and family.

Here’s a new article that’s well worth reading:

VolteFace: The Over-Medicated Population

Many people are taking drugs with questionable benefits, and many times the negative side effects of taking drugs outweigh the benefits.

Changing one’s lifestyle with improved sleep, eating and exercise habits can be much more effective than taking drugs, argues Dr. Malhotra. Such changes can also often allow patients to either reduce or come off of medications all together.

But in order for more patients to realize this, the drug misinformation at every level in the system, from Big Pharma reporting to what doctors present to patients, must be questioned.


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