1. Ah, corporate colonialism.
  2. Check out how much cola consumption has risen and you begin to see one of the reasons.
    Coke's growth had stalled on the US so they have pushed hard in developing countries, here comes a wave of diabetes!
  3. Becky
    Feeling depressed. Two mths eating LCHF. Anyone else suffering depression on LCHF??
  4. Margaretrc
    Becky, no depression here. Are you getting enough fat? Getting enough fat is ultra important.
  5. Fernando
    Becky, depression was much worse with my high carb low fat diet,much much worse..
  6. Becky: It's far more common for people lose symptoms of depression on lchf. Sometimes there is the issue of psychological concern about being deprived of "goodies"; but there is so much good food to have on lchf, no real deprivation is happening.

    Are you getting plenty of liquids, as in 1-2liters or more? Most people need more salt on lchf, since that's one of the things that gets reduced dramatically. Add an extra pinch of salt to something you eat. Remember, ANY change takes a few days adaptation.

  7. Must see new videos on the toxic effects of sugar as shown in scientific, controlled studies; Dr. Sanjay Gupta hosting:



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