The Obesity Conference in Denver


Just arrived in Denver, Colorado. Tomorrow until Sunday I’ll attend the conference of the American obesity doctors. As usual at the spring conference there’s extra focus on low carb diets.

The lecturers include experts on the subject like dr Eric Westman, dr Mary Vernon and dr Stephen Phinney. I also look forward to listening to researchers like Jeff Volek, Christopher Gardner and the Paleo-guru dr Loren Cordain.

Hopefully I’ll have a few video interviews on interesting subjects to share when I’m back. What / who would you like to see?

Conference program


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  1. Jay Wortman MD
    I'll be there! I'm hoping to get there early enough this evening to join Jimmy Moore and friends for a LCHF drink!
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  1. Welcome to Colorado (waves from Fort Collins)! I look forward to hearing about the conference.
  2. mem
    I would love to see videos of all the Docs/health care professionals/researchers you cited in your blog post. Your videos have been excellent! I especially enjoyed and benefited from your interview with Dr. Phinney and Dr, Lustig previously. Glad you are there and will very much look forward to your blogging and videoing all about it!
  3. John Myers
    I would love to see an interview with Christopher Gardner. I've watched his video presentation of the A to Z diet study many times and I've often wondered if the results of the study (which favored the Atkins diet) made him alter his vegetarian diet at all.
  4. Michelle
    I've enjoyed and have appreciated everything you have posted doc, so anything you think is important will be fantastic. Have a great time and give them hell!!! :)
  5. Asa G
    Valkommen till Colorado! En harlig stat! Glom inte att dricka vatten, det behovs for att halla huvudvarken borta nu nar du ar sa hogt ovanfor havsytan!:-D Hoppas det blir bra och informativa forelasningar!
  6. Laura
    Dr Cordain of course as I am a paleo/lchf (so NO dairies!!!) But also Dr Nicolas Finer from the UK (he is doing the Keynote presentation on the 20th) to see what they are doing about obesity. Finally for balance Prof Feinman (whom, before knowing his credentials, I advised to go and study some biochemistry as he seemed rather unprepared on it...) No seriosuly I am interested in his critique of the US nutrional guidelines and it would make sense to compare with Finer's British overview....
    also of course anything controversial that forced the audience to think, to disagree to defend someone is bound to drop the intellectual bomb somewhere! Let us know..Thank you doc
    ciao for now...laura
  7. Drs Phinney and Volek, please...
  8. No doubt you'll tell us all about it on the cruise coming up in 2 weeks. Are you going to participate in Tom's (low-carb?) celebrity roast?
  9. Alexandra M
    John Myers - "...made him alter his vegetarian diet at all."

    Nope. He had a letter in the NY Times last week in response to an op-ed piece about meat. He is described as "...a vegetarian for 30 years, [he] is a nutrition scientist at Stanford University."

  10. tooticky
    Hi all, apologies for going off-topic but if anyone could recommend a good, clear, easy to read book to read for someone who has diabetes and is interested to get it under control with diet. I remember seeing some books that specifically concentrate low carb and diabetes but cannot recall them now...
    Cheers for your help.
  11. @tooticky Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution is a good place to start. Just don't take his weight-training advice, since that is likely to injure you, or at least get you kicked out of pretty much any gym.

  12. @Howard, @tooticky, There's also a ton of free info on his website at click on the Articles tab for a lot of interesting stuff.
  13. Janknitz
    Tooticky, check out this website:
    She distilled Dr. Bernsteins advice down to understandable components.

    You cant go wrong following Dr. Enefeldt's LCHF for beginners Going LCHF will help your diabetes immensely. Be sure to watch your BG's and work with your doctor to adjust your meds as your BG's come under control--they will!

  14. Marje
    all of the doctors you mention ... Also Dr. jay wortman if he is there.
  15. Jay Wortman MD
    I'll be there! I'm hoping to get there early enough this evening to join Jimmy Moore and friends for a LCHF drink!
  16. tooticky
    Thanks for all the input, more book recommendions are welcome too. I'm after books as it's not for me. Not sure if this person is IT literate or has a computer. Could of course to print out some materal out from doc's website.
  17. moreporkplease
    Please please please ask someone, anyone, about the situation of post-menopausal women who stall out despite living on very low carbs, 10-15 net a day. This is by far the most pressing practical topic that relates to the actual daily life on LCHF. These women seem to have persistant and intense insulin resistance. Should they stick out another 3 years on 10 carbs or should they just go up to 25 net and take metformin?

    Women are different than men and overall there's just a huge lack of information specifically for women - how to use LCHF for fertility, for PCOS, for nursing moms, for the pregnant, for acne, for sleep issues, for the peri- and post-menopausal set. Men don't have any of these issues, so they are rarely discussed, even tho' most LCHF folks appear to be female.


  18. Maggan A

    YES you are so right - i have ben stalled for six monts now (i`m 50+ years of age).

    sorry OT but I have to share it with you - I changed my daily 3 cups of coffie with fullfat cream to rooibos tea with coconutoil and all of a sudden I lost two kilos in one week.

    I hardly belive it myself but it seemes that even very small changes can make a big differens

  19. Zepp

    Mayby this swedish bestseller could be the something?

    Litsfeldt is a dibetic him self.

    Its easy to read, from one diabetic to another!

  20. Bengt Nilsson
    Jag frågade Annika Dahlqvist om blodfetter och fick svar efter 13 timmar!

    Bengt Nilsson says:
    19 april, 2012 at 05:08
    Jag har hört några äldre säga att de har hjärtproblem och därför inte kan börja med LCHF (de skulle då få höga skadliga blodfettnivåer, om jag uppfattat det korrekt).
    Vad är din kommentar om det?

    Annika Dahlqvist says:
    19 april, 2012 at 18:03
    @ 903 Bengt Nilsson:

    Äldre personer har ännu större nytta av LCHF än yngre. LCHF höjer inte blodfetterna, och högre blodfetter höjer inte kolesterolet, och högre kolesterol ökar inte risken för hjärtsjukdom. Äldre med högre kolesterol lever längre och bättre. Läs om allt detta i Uffe Ravnskovs böcker.
    Det är kolhydrater och sannolikt fabrikskemikalier som gör oss sjuka, särskilt när vi är äldre.

  21. Sten
    moreporkplease: Try combine lchf with coconut-oil as Maggan says!
    Reason is that low insulin levels ( from low carbs) combined with saturated fat NORMALIZES IGF1 - the insulin growth factor that can cause all kind of havoc, I read somewhere - Check it! This can be the reason why prostate swelling problems improve rapidly with a couple of table spoons of coconut oil per day. It worked for me!
    And maybe also that one formerly obese female that I know who was diagnosed with breast cancer regressed and stayed cancer free for now 6-7 years by lots of heavy exercise combined with weight loss without knowing of lchf: The body fat provided the exercise provided 1/ the lower insulin environment and 2/ the weight loss the saturated fat from the tissues! (But if that's the case the bad stuff may come back when she reaches normal weight and eat standard polyunsaturated fat..)

    Maybe this normalizing combination of low insulin and saturated fat could be something for menopause as well? My heart disease - angina - is regressing noticeably after now 4 months on lchf, and lots of my fat is coming from coconut oils, rest from butter, cream and eggs. From all those things then regarded too good to be eaten alone when we I grew up around 60 years ago. Then "too good" because of price alone as it was before Ancel Keys. Did Keys really live the way he preached?

  22. Peggy Holloway
    All my heroes will be there - wish I could be there. My son lives in Denver and I wish he could be involved, but his work and lack of money will get in his way. He is a secret LCHF infiltrator at the Whole Foods store on Hampden Avenue :)
    Wortman, Phinney, Westman and Volek are the group I'd like most to hear from.
  23. Sten
    Denver is called the "Mile-High City" as it is nearly exactly one mile over sea level.
    So let it be another great milestone for LCHF, Doc!
  24. Jonas Paulsen
    Hej Andreas o välkommen till Denver!! Här får man höghöjdsträning gratis!!! (1600 m ö havet)
    Har följt din blogg mer eller mindre sedan förra sommaren då en jobbarkompis på operation i Borås äter enligt LCHF! Jobbade där som anestesisjukskötare, så vi är i samma branch!

    Visade videon med Dr Lustig för min crossfit-träningscoach idag o han blev väldigt nyfiken...
    Annars följer många crossfitentusiaster Paleo koncepet.

    Märkligt att du är här i Denver nu!! Kom hem från en semesterresa igår o gick in på din sida o såga att du skulle komma hit. Har tänkt att ev börja skriva en blogg om LCHF här, då det behövs.

    Även lite märkligt att du ska med samma båt (Carnival Magic) som jag reste med i januari!!
    Fantastisk kryssning!!

    Ha så trevligt här i Denver!! Du har väl förmodligen fullt upp, men om du har xtra tid över får du gärna höra av dig om vad man kan hitta på här! Som t ex att delta i en crossfitworkout! Sänder en link till mitt gym:
    Du får även en PALEOblogg-link som skrivs av en av våra tränare Julie:

    Förresten en fråga som jag undrat över o som jag inte fåt nåt svar på är:
    Här i USA verkar man ju äta enligt high carb high fat. Blir det den absolut sämsta kombinationen?

    Ha det så bra här i Denver!!!

    Mvh Jonas

  25. Paula
    Christopher Gardner. He's very smart and scientifically ethical, (even if he is a vegetarian!). I'd like to know if he's spouting the "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie" line, or if he acknowledges differences in the effect of (refined) carbs and the effect of other calorie sources on metabolism.
  26. moreporkplease
    Hi Paula:

    Gardner is a standard CW guy. I understand that he's recently doubled down and become more vegan. He definitely believes a calorie is a calorie and that counting calories is the way to go. His research is funded, so he has to toe the line, of course; but he does actually believe it as well.

    In his famous presentation on youtube about his A-Z study, he attempted very hard to explain away the low-carb results and firmly stated his moral belief in vegetarianism/veganism and his intent to raise all his children this way. Despite his scientific findings.


  27. eddie watts
    anyone who will tackle ASP.
    will be eagerly looking forward to the videos anyway as i watch them all, although having just subscribed to your youtube channel i am passing on the swedish ones!
    (as i'm english)
  28. Kristen
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the "Jimmy Moore" dinner! Hope you are enjoying your time in our sunny state and can't wait to hear about all you have learned at the obesity conference! Warm regards, Kristen Coufal
  29. Margaretrc
    @tooticky, I would recommend "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" by Drs. Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney. It explains the science of why a low carbohydrate high fat diet is the best way to control blood glucose for anyone who is glucose intolerant, which diabetics certainly are. If you only get one book, that should be it. Also, there is "Carbohydrates can Kill" by Dr. Robert K. Su, and then there's Dr. Bernstein's book already mentioned. Here's another: There's also a video; "My Big Fat Diet" about using LCHF for diabetes in a First Nation community in Canada--by Dr. Jay Wortman.
  30. Margaretrc
    Too bad about Dr. Gardner. Reminds me of a great cartoon someone posted in FB, where one person says to another something to the effect of "I get that that's true scientifically, but I'll stick to my long held beliefs anyway." I looked for the cartoon so I could post a link, but haven't been able to find it again. But it's a perfect comment on Dr. Gardner's stance. I do give him credit, though, for at least reporting the results of his study accurately and not spinning them to fit his beliefs.
  31. Alexandra M
    "...and not spinning them to fit his beliefs."

    Oh, he did his best to spin them! It's just that his best wasn't good enough...

  32. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Dr Gardner actually had one of the top lectures of the conference. Hopefully I'll have time for a blog post on it later this week.
  33. Alexandra M
    I'm very curious about what Dr. Gardner had to say. I watched his video presentation (The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning at Losing Weight) several times, and it amazed me the way he could stand in front of those graphs and consider explanations like water loss - even if it explained the weight loss, how could it possibly explain the changes in lipid profiles? He appeared to be a man tortured by cognitive dissonance!

    Do you know what sort of a vegetarian (and now maybe vegan) he is, moral, political or nutritional?

  34. Laura
    Hmmm Dr Gardner... I am jsut reading about his A-Zdiet study in hte Phinney and Volek book on low carb life style..(good book by the way apart from the fructose bit....)
    Anyhoo was Ornish there? Now he someone who might (& should) chocke on his high carb pretzels!!!!

    I tell we human are weird. Even when the truth is out we cannot stop harming ourselves. If you worry about carbs...think of smoking. NOBODY can deny the link between smoking and cancer and many too many in fact people smoke and continue doing it no matter how many images of rotting cancerous lungs you put on teh packets....
    It is hard to know the truth and watch others your loved ones for example poison themselves a little every day....
    I think even this apparent self harming has an eviolutionary explanation..we have evolved to make STRONG IMMEDIATE associations between a stimulus and harm (or good for that matter) but slow association just does not work...this is also why it is hard to stick to a diet that makes you lose weight slowly as we do not see results quick enough to make that all important association....don't let us forget that after all we are animals...
    Bizzarely I think this one of the greatest lessons to take from lowcarb/paleo school of tought..we are animals and no matter how nicely you process a food we are not adapted to consume it will harm us!! So there...stick to your carbs if you must but at your own peril!!
    Ciao for now...

  35. @Laura -- I suppose that I'm lucky in that when I started low carb over a decade ago, I got immediate and complete relief from crippling arthritis. That alone has been enough to keep me "on the wagon."

    Plus, I no longer have such incredible, gnawing hunger by 10am that any small child crossing my path would be in serious peril. Nowadays, I occasionally forget to eat a meal. That sure as Hell never happened on Ornish's diet.

    So, at least for me, the STRONG IMMEDIATE associations between stimulus and harm/benefit are there.

  36. Laura
    Good on you Howard! A decade of low carb and immediate reward to keep you hooked!
    I am five months in now and I do feel great with it imagine 10 years. The body will have had time to adjust and heal from all the carb assaults of the past...
    Sorry for the ungodly hour of writing....I ate out for lunch yesterday and by the evening my tummy was misbehaving and so it carried on for the rest of the night. I had grilled sword fish and a little heap of rocket....(I told them what to do with their potatoes). Alas it is not the first time that eating salad in a restaurant gives me gastroenteritis....what is it with salads uh??? Do they use it as toilet paper and then serve to poor unsuspecting customers like me trying to eat paleo/lc???

    Not fair! The rest of the world is asleep! lucky you guys!
    Speak soon

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