The Mexicans dying for a fizzy drink


Mexicans drink more soda than any other country. Not surprisingly they also have a higher percentage of obesity than any other large country, including childhood obesity.

Two years ago the government introduced a soda tax and now consumption of soda may be going down. Here are some stories:

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How One of the Most Obese Countries on Earth Took on the Soda Giants

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  1. Mundia
    I just dont know if there is anything worse that soda.
  2. Apicius
    It's not only the soda. They drink a variety of sweet drinks, like horchata, tamarindo, and all sorts of fruit juices. At a recent business trip, I was surrounded by an entire table of Mexican colleagues all imbibing in many glasses each of very sweet drinks during a lunch, and I was the ONLY one who drank only water. And of course, at end of the meal I drank a black coffee, while they scooped in several full teaspoons of sugar into theirs. I think they need to understand the sugar in drinks problem, not just soda.
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  3. Pierre

    You forgot to tell the food they eat, mainly starchy foods.

    Sangria is one of their sugary drink.

    Also, for the kids what is the disponibility of milk?

    How much cost one liter of milk vs one liter of soda.?

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  4. Donna
    Are companies still permitted to advertise sodas? If so, than a tax is unethical. It creates an incentive for governments to continue pushing sodas while cravings and addictions are fed. The tax then becomes an additional consequence of the addiction without any support to overcome it. There should be comprehensive programs to overcome this as there was with tobacco in the U.S. Limit advertising, require companies that produce these products to pay for ending addiction support programs, and then tax the products.
  5. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor

    How much cost one liter of milk vs one liter of soda.?

    Water is a cheap alternative to soda.

  6. Sergio
    You don't imagine, how hard it is for me as a doctor to make patients understand that Soda and Horchata, or tamarindo or any other "agua fresca" (sweet drinks) for that matter, is absolutely the same! Plain sugar!
    It's hard because people believe you're the ugly doctor who wants to keep them deprived of their sugary stuff.
    But this Tax believe it or not, helped! really!
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  7. Apicius
    sergio, glad to hear that there is some turn around on behaviour towards soda. But, what I see in Mexico is a lot of Agua Fresca consumption, which is equally dangerous. So, if you stop drinking Coca cola but then drink Agua Fresca, nothing has been solved. Then, when you cross the border into California, Arizona, etc...the tex Mex cuisine welcomes the consumption of sweet ice tea.

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