The low-carb approach

No matter what Heidi tried, she could never lose a significant amount of weight. After struggling for many years with hormonal issues and depression, she came across low-carb.

Together with her husband Andy, they changed their eating habits and put low-carb and intermittent fasting into practice. The results couldn’t be better, they even got a place in the London Marathon last year!


Heidi Staden: It seemed like everything wasn’t right. You feel you can’t lose weight, it’s your fault and if only you exercise more. It was difficult.

Andy Staden: We both have always struggled with weight and always had that… I call it an addiction problem.
Heidi: Cutting calories and the fat was not the way to do it, we had to approach it the low-carb way. We both lost significant amounts of weight.
Andy: You had more energy, felt a lot better with yourself.
Heidi: And I’ve been really enjoying the cooking and I think we’ve cooked more now than ever. I don’t ache, you know… I’ve not felt depressed or down.
Andy: It just allowed me to unlock the door and be free of all the challenges around the addictions with food.
Heidi: When I do it, I really enjoy what I eat and I don’t have this fear anymore. It doesn’t control me.

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