1. Cenk Ugyr
    Doc, I can't find your talk?
  2. JGW
    It's interesting to me that, while this is seemingly a "playful" perspective (as opposed to the more science-based insights he mentioned at the outset of the presentation), I think the psychology behind our [nutritional] actions really brings a sense of practicality to this experience. After all, staying with Mr. Sisson's perspective, our lives are about experiences.

    What's the reason each of you began your "diet"/"journey" with this particular topic? I imagine it was to increase enjoyment - the perceived quality of your experience (in the very short and even long-term).

    As many of us get caught up in the tiny details of Low-Carb, High-Fat, High-Card, Low-Fat, ratios of macronutrients, excessive protein that may lead to toxicity and all the rest....

    ....we sometimes lose the forest for the trees. This speech focuses on "play," but it's importance seems to hinge on, every once in a while, taking one important step back and making sure you're still focused on what is important: closer to that reason many of us probably started down this path.

  3. Wow, that was really good. I was expecting to watch about 5 minutes and turn off a flaky talk. I listened the whole way through and throughly enjoyed it. The man is right, I need to play more. Thanks.
  4. Erik

    Kan du vara så snäll och länka till ett månadsarkiv här till höger på din engelska blogg. Hur ska jag annars se alla inlägg för en viss månad?

  5. I'm such of fan of this website...


  6. Erik,
    It's on my to-do list now, thanks. (Please write in English here)

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