1. Jordi
    So Tim Noakes spends years killing people by telling them to eat high carb.

    He almost kills himself, realizes he has been talking out of his ar$e, and starts signing from the LC hymn sheet.

    And then he pretends he invented LC and is a saviour descended straight from the Gods themselves.

    I'm glad he changed his tune, but it's idiots like him in the first place that got the high carb bull in full swing.

    They should be tarred and feathered for pretending to know when they didn't.

  2. Laura
    Interesting article, but very poorly written. The author either isn't a native English speaker or didn't pay any attention in school. Initially I thought of linking to it on FB but then I decided not to because of the poor quality.
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  3. Pieter Nagel
    Jordi, about Noakes pretending "he invented LC":

    It's true the South African media talk about "Noakes' Diet" and "Noakes' controversial theories".

    However, I don't think this has much to do with whether Noakes himself pretends that he originated the idea.

    Rather, by the media pretending Noakes came up with the notions all by himself, it is easier to discredit him and his message by marginalising him as a lone maverick.

  4. Zepp
  5. Anything that gets the word out that fat is our friend, and the standard western diet is the enemy, is good news.



  6. Maria Teresa
    Maybe he should have not made the effort and write it in his mother tongue... since we are all fluent in many languages....
    Your comment is offensive and unnecessary.

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