1. konichiwa
    Helt själviskt så tänker jag: nu kanske de behåller sitt goda smör och låter bli att dumpa det till Sverige ;) Jag som älskar Valios smör.
    Å andra sidan måste man gratulera Finländarna till bättre matvanor.
  2. konichiva,
    In English, please. ;)
  3. LisaW
    It's even spreading here in the US where I live. Let's just hope it continues to spread and spread and spread...before long it will become the norm!
  4. martins dos santos
    Hello Dr,
    congratulations for your blog, I would like to ask you about supplements, should we use on this diet?
    thank you
  5. martins,
    Not necessarily as it's a very nutritious diet.

    Personally I only take supplements of vitamin D and sometimes Omega-3, but there is no increased need of those nutrients on LCHF.

  6. Finn
    We had huge storm after documentary was aired on our national broadcast channel last year. It was based on Uffe Ravnskov's book and documentary name is "Rasvainen Kupla" (Fatty Bubble). After it margarine selling plummeted and 'everybody' started to buy butter instead. Also 30% fat yoghurts are selling well. Bread consumption has reduced so much that many bakeries have to quit.

    We have our diet doctor in Finland as well who promotes LCHF diet and his books are very popular in here (also your book is selling well and it's very popular in libraries). He is about 60 year old surgeon/orthopedic Antti Heikkilä. His website is

    swe: http://www.anttiheikkila.com/se09.php
    eng: http://www.anttiheikkila.com/en09.php

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