The LCHF conference could come to London and Washington D.C.

There is no doubt that the LCHF conference in Cape Town has been a massive success. And this may just be the beginning. There are plans to take the conference to London in 2016 and to Washington D.C. in 2017!

Let’s hope that happens. Once there are dates ready you’ll be able to read about it here.


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  1. Christoph
    This way of eating is amazing in the same way as "not smoking" is amazing.
    It's not easy to get rid of all that processed crap, I know, but once you did it you WILL know why it's amazing. At least after a whole year without ANY kind of calorie-counting and NOT gaining weight you will know.
    You just have to fight for your health. Sticking to it WILL get easier after a while.
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  2. Malcolm Roweth
    LCHF London 2016 - Bring it on!
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  1. Amy
    Excellent, I will make every effort to attend the DC conference. Keep the info coming - so exciting. THANK YOU!
  2. Sue
    If this way of eating is so amazing, why can't I stick to it?

    I am not a troll or someone looking to discredit this way of life; I am someone who wants to lose weight and be healthy until she dies.

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  3. Christoph
    This way of eating is amazing in the same way as "not smoking" is amazing.
    It's not easy to get rid of all that processed crap, I know, but once you did it you WILL know why it's amazing. At least after a whole year without ANY kind of calorie-counting and NOT gaining weight you will know.
    You just have to fight for your health. Sticking to it WILL get easier after a while.
  4. Jan
    Excellent news about the possibility of a LCHF Conference coming to London.

    @Sue please stick with your plans to live the LCHF Lifestyle it does have so many benefits. The other thing weight loss does not necessarily have to be a race ..... a slow loss is better than a slow gain .......

    Keep reading here and around the various blogs and forums and ask questions I'm sure many can help you succeed but you have to want to succeed.

    I wish you ......

    All the best Jan

  5. fredt
    There are those that can stick to it and those who can't. I expect those that have difficulty also have a second issue, what ever that may be. There is a long list of these.
  6. gail
    In my case,as soon as I realized the main stream health professionals were wrong about our need for carbohydrates and whole grains, it set me free! No worries about not being good in the long run.I have been LCHF for 3 years now. Love the life style. Easiest way of eating of my life.
  7. scott
    A couple of things that help me stick to the diet are to make sure I get enough fat and watch that I don't get too much protein. Two or three times a day, usually after meals I have a tea made with a tablespoon of coconut oil. This helps ensure that I don't get hungry before I ought to.
  8. greensleeves
    Because you're addicted to sugar. It's not your fault. But you have to keep working at it and never, ever give up. Don't let yourself be derailed. :D
  9. Apicius

    Can you let us know "why" you are having a hard time sticking to it? That way someone can provide the solutions that helped them that had similar root causes you have.

    For me, the LCHF way of eating was a huge contrast to the years of really bad nutritional, it was a significant paradigm shift. But, I eventually overcame that problem. And now I will never look health is so much better, and I look decades younger.

  10. Matt
    @Sue, Overeating is easy to stick with, that doesn't make it an "amazing way of eating". Smoking is easy to stick with but I wouldn't recommend it. A lot of good things in life are difficult, especially at first. I've done LCHF for almost 3 years now, lost over 100 lbs and feel amazing. I have nothing profound to say to you, I just wanted to say that it gets easier. Eventually high carb foods lose most of their appeal and when you do cheat you are automatically punished with bloating and feeling terrible. Doesn't take much willpower to resist something that you hardly recognize as food anymore.
  11. Peter Jensen
    Count me in. London and Washington sound great. I was wondering about Sweden, the most dietary enlightened country in the world.
  12. Malcolm Roweth
    LCHF London 2016 - Bring it on!
  13. Chris
    Hi Sue,

    You have to KNOW in your heart of hearts that conventional dietary advise is compromised and sugar, refined grains, vegetable oils and processed foods are detrimental to your health. If you don’t truly believe that LCHF or similar way of eating is the best way for health you will probably want to give it up.

    Don’t accept any one persons advice/theories as the truth, find your own way, read and watch widely both for and against different dietary patterns, make up your own mind. The further you look into this subject, the further back in history of food production you go the more sense LCHF makes.

    3 books that particularly helped me shift my beliefs are Michael Pollan “In Defense of Food” for his common sense approach to eating, Gary Taubes “Why we get Fat and What to Do About It” for his challenging conventional thought on modern disease and Melanie Warner “Pandoras Lunchbox” for a mindblowing exploration of what goes into processed food - of these 3 only Gary Taubes recommends low carb.

    Particularly, experiment with the level of carbs your body is comfortable with (as an aside I tried very low carb Ketogenic diet for several months but I didn’t get the kind of benefits Tim Noakes or Peter Attia talk about. However once I added in half a slice of vollkornbrot with my cheese and eggs breakfast I felt I'd found the magic balance).


  14. BobM
    What is vollkornbrot? I have been on a "strict" low carb diet for over a year now. I've been slowly increasing my fat intake, which I find hard to do to be honest. I have to add butter/coconut oil to tea or coffee, add olive oil to my greens. It's tough because all meats are basically low fat -- pork here in the US has been bred to be low fat.

    I also find that if I have any carbohydrates (pizza, a piece of cake at a birthday party, etc.), that cravings come back. It takes days to get over those cravings, and I tend to overeat (low carb) for a few days after I eat any carbs. Plus, carbs are everywhere, and people are so inculcated with the low fat message, that it can be hard to go to other people's houses. For instance, we have friends who have kids around our age. The whole family is thin. When we go over there, they have skim milk, no cheese, etc., but then also serve dessert. They are thin but we are not genetically gifted like that, so our kids have to watch their carb intake, and this other family lives on carbs. When we go to our other family member's houses, it's a problem. We have one set of family members so afraid of fat they make salad dressings without oil. Ask them for pork or red meat, and you'll get stared at as if you're from another planet.

  15. Murray
    BobM, yes, going to dinner at a lipophobic household can be a challenge. The beauty of lchf is that you can fast with relative ease. So I tend to focus on the vegetables, add scads of butter or olive oil and salt (as required, because lipophobes tend also to be saltiphobes), and take just a taste of everything else--and compliment the vegetables effusively. Well, almost everything else. I won't drink skim milk, and chicken breast is the skim milk of meat--so I pass on chicken breast, unless it has skin and then I eat only the skin or unless it is an old yard bird with flavour.

    All my friends are now trained that I eat most calories from fat, so they make sure there is butter, avocado or something. No one takes offence when I pass on the potatoes, rice or processed sugar things. They know I don't eat it.

  16. Chris
    Hi BobM,

    Vollkornbrot is a very dense sourdough rye & sunflower seed bread (I guess there may be other interpretations) which includes quite a high percentage of whole berries of rye - as well as the whole grain rye flour.

    I avoid like the plague any form of modern wheat (which you will find in your pizza, a piece of cake at a birthday party, etc.), but I'll still eat the pastry on the quiche my wife makes from whole grain spelt flour - or Kamut if we can get it.

    Of course grains are a no no on strict LCHF but these occasional deviations work well for me and I feel fantastic.

    Like Murray my friends now accept I'm a bit weird when I don't eat the regular fare at social gatherings (which I look upon with horror, especially at kids parties). In the last year or so with more media attention especially on sugar people are generally more interested than belligerent when I explain why I'm not eating (if I'm not in the mood for explaining myself just say I've eaten or don't have a sweet tooth).

    All the best, Chris

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  17. BobM
    Thanks, Chris. I've had similar bread, though it can be harder to find in the US. It's cut very thin from what I remember and the sizes of the bread (in terms of "area" for each piece) is smaller relative to normal bread in the US.

    I agree that having carbs after not having them for a long time brings all kinds of problems. Over Valentine's day and weekend, I had a piece of cake and a few other wheat-based and potato-based carbs and had a tough time after that. I never have acid reflux on low carb, but got that almost immediately after eating carbs.

    I may just know people who more fervently believe in low fat. Often, there aren't many vegetable options and instead are rice, pasta, bread, etc., all that "low fat" (high calorie) food.

  18. Brenda
    Wonderfull news for Americas; definatley a changes is needed.......a change for the better.

    Sue or any other person that is struggling, any life style change is going to be hard at the beginning. In my own opinion, this could be one of the easiest changes that any one person could adapt if willing. Look for receipes, if not here than on the web. I have not yet started my new life journey; but I am excited. I am going to get my family on board, they may go kicking and screaming; but all that is Holy, it will I have eased them into it. Adding new things, such as cooking with unrefinded conconut oil, butter, olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil on popcorn is really good. My husband was resistant; he now really enjoys popcorn with olive oil. Been doing that for about a year now. Fried eggs with coconut oil......yum. After watching an episode of Dr. Oz show, a link found on this website; Wheat Belly I found some additional receipes I want to try; especially the homemade bread and pizza without wheat or whole grains. I'm truly excited!!!

  19. Brenda
    Need opinions. Does dextox waters/juices (unsweetened) really work? There are so many opinions on this issue for and against. I know water alone is a great way to detox, is there an advantage of cucumbers, lemmon, etc....added to water. What does the experts have to say?
  20. Eva
    London will be a great location for all the European LCHF followers. Please make it happen soon.
    Congratulations for your great work!
  21. Dino Hsu
    Do you have the duration for the London one yet? I am located in Taiwan, I will manage to join the event, thanks.
  22. David
    Barcelona is also a wonderful place to hold a conference....
  23. Lesley
    So... Any news on whether London 2016 is going to happen? I would so love to attend.
  24. Francoise
    An LCHF conference anywhere in Europe i 2017 would be just fine. Would really love to attend!

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