The launch of the amazing LCHF conference


Here’s the introduction to the LCHF Conference – yesterday – by the fantastic professor Tim Noakes. There are around 650 people in the audience, all that the room can take. Most are medical professionals, fantastically enough.

The slide is well chosen. Dr Christiaan Barnard performed the first heart transplant here in Cape Town in 1967. Closer to the end of his career he spoke these wise words:

I have saved 150 people through heart transplantations. If I had focused on preventative medicine earlier I could have saved 150 million people.

Modern medicine is mostly great. But it does not focus on prevention through life style change. Compared to drugs and surgery there’s almost no money to be made in life style change, unfortunately.

This fantastic LCHF conference is a big step in the right direction though. Hopefully there will be another similar conference next year in Europe – there are already some plans in that direction.


  1. Annie
    Will the speeches / debates be filmed and available to see online.? Really interested to hear .
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes. Stay tuned.
  3. Viv
    Would be so useful and inspiring to watch these lectures online.
  4. Stacy
    Great stuff -- thank you Dr Eenfeldt for the good work you are doing to improve lives.
  5. Solomon
    Thanks for the update, and the quoute is so timeless: "I have saved 150 people through heart transplantations. If I had focused on preventative medicine earlier I could have saved 150 million people."
  6. Chris the Barbarian
    " Hopefully there will be another similar conference next year in Europe – there are already some plans in that direction."

    Would you care to elaborate? I would love to attend!

  7. Jan
    This is so great - lovely to see and hear some snippets about what is going on.

    Look forward to more.

    All the best Jan

  8. Boundless
    Meanwhile, dangerously ignorant "experts" have put out for public comment the proposed next-generation US MyPlateOfMetabolicSyndrome diet:

    Here's the first search hit on "low carb":
    “For example, a low-carbohydrate diet fits this description and has been of public interest. The DGAC reviewed the body of evidence related to this type of diet as part of Question 2. Additionally, the Committee examined the results of exploratory searches on low-carbohydrate diets (defined as less than 45 percent of calories from carbohydrate) and all of the health outcomes considered in this chapter published since 2000. Overall, it appears that only limited evidence is available to address the relationship between low-carbohydrate diets and health, pa rticularly evidence derived from U.S.-based populations.”

    It appears that the official plan is to remain in denial about the horrific public health consequences of the official public diet, until everyone originally involved it is dead (which won't take too long if they are actually following their own recommendations).

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  9. BobM
    One reason there's "limited" evidence is because they refused to fund low carbohydrate diet studies, since they believed so strongly that saturated fat was bad.

    These people truly need to be replaced. The vast majority of their recommendations are based on no or little science. They're using epidemiological studies to vilify red meat and to promote coffee drinking. Epidemiological studies are what got us to where we are now. They should be treated with caution.

    Also, they tell us to avoid saturated fat and instead eat polyunsaturated fat. Yet, this is what they say in their "Needs for future research":

    "Examine the effects replacement of saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat vs. monounsaturated fat on cardiovascular disease risk."

    So, they don't know what are the effects of replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat, but they're telling us to replace saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat? That makes perfect sense.

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  10. Joanne
    Hi Andreas, I'm remembering the awful snacks at the Diabetes conference you went to last year. I'm betting that the snack times at this LCHF conference are way different. Send us pictures of the "good" snacks.
  11. robert
    "n-6 fatty acid-specific and mixed polyunsaturate dietary interventions have different effects on CHD risk: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials"

    "...RCT that substituted n-6 PUFA for TFA and SFA without simultaneously increasing n-3 PUFA produced an increase in risk of death that approached statistical significance (RR 1·16; 95 % CI 0·95, 1·42). Advice to specifically increase n-6 PUFA intake, based on mixed n-3/n-6 RCT data, is unlikely to provide the intended benefits, and may actually increase the risks of CHD and death."

    Br J Nutr. 2010 Dec;104(11):1586-600. doi: 10.1017/S0007114510004010. [open access]

  12. bryony
    expanding on Joanne's question (and noting that videos of the lectures will be available, which was my serious question!), what are they feeding you? I'd love to see the menu!
  13. Apicius
    Low carb is defined as anything less than 45% calorie of diets by US dietary guidelines?! What?!!!!!! That is asinine! Anything near 45% is a HIGH carb diet!! The new US dietary guidelines are useless...continued load of same BS fed to public. The US dietary "experts" are remarkable idiots. Perhaps they forgot to read the European study showing countries where they eat high ratio of saturated fat correlates to lowest rates of CVD (like Switzerland and France). Here's the study:

    Other countries have the means of getting healthier through REAL science, while the asinine American "experts" lead their people to poor health and destroyed economy facing rising healthcare costs and a taxation system that cannot support it!!!!!!!!! morons!

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