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How about being able to see all the latest from your favorite LC / Paleo blogs, everything on one page, always updated? Now there is a way:

What do you think about it? Do you have suggestions for inprovements? Which blogs would you like to see on it?

PS: One of the popular blogs on there may be on its way out. I mostly read it now to understand the confused arguments in favor of the failed conventional wisdom. Apparently even a brilliant thinker can get intellectually lost when his new job requires it. Fascinating and sad. You know who I’m talking about, right?

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  1. "Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder." — George Washington
  2. Sam
    I like this....a lot!

    I read MANY LC/Paleo blogs but at the moment, can't quite pinpoint who you might be referring to. Hint?

  3. Great idea!

    Maybe you should do only six entries here too, as on the Swedish page, as I'm sure that you'll want to add more blogs with time.

  4. James
    Peter at Hyperlipid is very worth while......check him out!

  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sometimes a bit too technical for my taste. But many people read him so I put Hyperlipid on the second page:
  6. I'd definitely recommend Paul Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet blog at He and his wife wrote their book, but I think Paul's the blogger in the family ;).

    BTW, might be nice to link page 1 to 2 and vice versa. Just a suggestion!

  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    They are linked. Upper right corner. I probably should make it more obvious though!
  8. I actually already have this on my blog. I have a gadget there that lists the blogs I follow, with updates and the first few sentences of each post. So each day, I open my blog and look to see if anyone has posted something new since the last time I looked.

    As a matter of fact, yours is one of the ones that I follow and suggest to my blog readers that they check into.

    My blog is

  9. Who is stopping their blog?
  10. Joe
    "You know who I’m talking about, right?"

    No. Whom?

  11. Mike
    I LOVE this!! I was running out of room for the bookmark icon's on my web browser. You have all of my favorite blogs on here! Grok on!
  12. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sam, Rebecca, Joe,
    I was referring to Stephan Guyenet (Whole Health Source).
  13. Not sure who Stephan Guyenet is. No whoop then :)
  14. I agree about Peter at Hyperlipid.

    Also That Paleo Guy -

    and Dr John Briffa -

  15. Barb
    Love it, you've hit the most of the blogs I try to follow.
  16. Joe
    Thank you, Doc!


  17. Amy
    I'm betting on Whole Health Source. I just unsubscribed from his feed today. He used to talk about paleo but now he's done a 180 degree turn and posts about S(tandard) A(merican) D(iet). I'm pretty disgusted with him. His post today was about fast food and getting fat a la Morgan Spurlock. Viva Fat Head!!!!!!
  18. paul
    What about Chris Kresser?
  19. Amy
    Oops! I just saw where Dr. E already told us who the mystery blogger was...
  20. Tangerine
    I very much appreciate these links to sites I already frequent and some I'm looking forward to learning more about. My 2 cents: I would like to see the links open in a new window so that one isn't re-directed away from your site. Nice work!
  21. Matglad
    @Tangerine: You can have that for any link you like, without the need to force the behavior on other readers. Experiment with shift- and ctrl-clicking the links. Depending on what type of mouse, operating system and browser you use you can also try clicking with the mouse-wheel and thumb-button.
  22. Jill
    I'm another fan of Peter on Hyperlipid. One I like that's not on there (it's relatively new, I think) is engrevo (
  23. Hey Doc,

    I agree with Prue about adding Dr. Briffa. Also, the blogs of Dr. Mike Eades ( and Fred Hahn ( are great.

  24. Cindy
    I suggest leaving in Whole Health Source. Even though he isn't as low carb as the others, he does stress eating whole foods rather than processed foods and he thinks fat is good for you. He offers a little different perspective than the others and reading different opinions is more enlightening than reading the same opinion on every blog.

    I cannot eat what Stephen Guyenet suggests; potatoes are not friendly to my waist line, but I still like to read about food reward and his other ideas.

    I need a strict low-carb diet to maintain my weight, but I still love to read other opinions.

  25. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    That's why I read him too. Perspective. Plus he's smart.
  26. Mineral Vity
    Discovered a cool Paleo blog at the other day
  27. I was thinking ... Have you thought of creating a list of blogs in other languages too? If you remember, there's the woman with the Croatian blog, there's mine, and I think I've seen some German blogs also. I mean, if we want to spread the word ...
  28. Patrick
    The commenter Amy above is totally off-base in her criticism of Stephan of Whole Health Source. He's attacking fast food for being processed and addictive. It's not anti-Fat Head, because Fat Head is all about making the right choices when eating fast food. As mentioned, Stephan Guyenet is smart, whether you agree with all his dietary choices or not, and he's not promoting SAD (and/or turning anti-fat) as Amy implies.
  29. paul
  30. Vanessa F
    It would be nice if your links opened in a new tab or window. I prefer to X out of a page rather than hit the back button as I sometimes go browsing on a site and end up far away from your site. I love this new format, btw.
  31. Aveh
  32. Aveh: Hush! I wasn't planning on spreading the word just yet! I'm still working on the design, articles and blog entries. But since the cat's out of the bag, I'd appriciate any and all comments and suggestions! Especially what to name it. :-)
  33. Barb
    Doc, saw this med student's blog on another site and thought you might have missed it, might consider adding her. Pretty smart, irreverant, my kind of health care provider.
  34. Paul Nystrom

    I'm a doc in MN, USA. Just found this and its good.

  35. Margaretrc
    Fantastic! Thank you. I am bookmarking it.
  36. Sjovall
    Only a slight tweak in the layout. It would be nice if you could add another" more in english " button at the bottom of the page. This page has replaced all my other LowCarb shortcuts on the Links Bar. Great Job!!!!!
  37. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Done – do you like it like this?
  38. Sjovall
    Tack så mycket.
  39. Chris
    I have been following this gentleman, very good writer, and interesting, fairly regular posts.

  40. Richard
    Doc, it looks like the feed for Denise Minger is not working correctly, she has posted a couple of times recently but your page doesn't show anything.
  41. Due to the popularity and impact of Dr. Davis's new book, might be good to add a link to his new wheatbelly blog,
  42. Yo
    Well doc - if you decide to cut Stephan's blog, you may need to reconsider Kurt Harris's blog as well ;-)

    I believe there is something to this omnivourous idea - but that some people may need to cut out most starches due to damage from sugar, HFCS and PUFA, not that the starches themselves caused the insulin resistance.

    I don't see the point in that healthy people eat a ketogenous diet just for the sake of it.


  43. And how 'bout Jack Kruse?
  44. Sjovall
    Doc, I have noticed both Denise Minger's and Tom Naughton's Blogs are not being updated on the New Page.


  45. Hi Doc

    I am Swedish but I am blogging in English! Although I live in China I write about LCHF from a Swedish perspective and what the Swedish movement can teach the world. I am a busy traveling office worker (manager) knowing how hard it is to incorporate healthy eating into a life of travel, meetings and dinners around the world.

    Consider my blog,


  46. Sara
    Hi Andreas I think would be a nice link to the english (US) blog
  47. Sara
    Hi Andreas I think would be a Nice link to the english (US) blogs
  48. I love being able to check your pages to see if anything interesting is happening on the blogs that I don't necessarily subscribe to.

    How about adding Peter Attia's blog at

  49. KiAnders

    First of all, love the site both in Swedish and in English.

    I was surfing around today and found a really good blog (He links to your website by the way...) He has made a documentary that I'd recommend if you haven't seen it called My Big Fat Diet. LCHF goes native! A scientific study of around a 100 people eating LCHF för one year. They lost at total of 1200 lbs during that year! Really inspirational.

    The film can be found on You Tube

  50. Bandit
    Dr. Kruse is a dedicated madman...and a GENIUS. He is on admission to change the world, and nobody ties the brain/body connection like him.
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