The keto challenge: “I have not eaten so well in years”


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Dear Diet Doctor,

We (my partner has taken the 2-week challenge too!) have enjoyed all the food, haven’t felt hungry or suffered too badly with adapting to a very different way of eating. I had a couple of days late into week 2 where I wanted to eat some good quality granary toast with some salt/sugar-free nut butter but other than that, no cravings.

I am 53, he is 49 and we both need to lose maybe 12 pounds (6 kg) in weight — but also both carry weight around our middles – his due to a stressful desk job, me due in part to a desk job but also the dreaded peri-menopausal I am in. We want to look after our health as we age and part of that is the diet we follow – so we are going to explore the 5-week challenge now and today is our second day… so watch this space!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try this out – I am now recommending it to others too!

Lastly – we have both lost 4 kilos (9 lbs) in two weeks.



I was interested in doing a keto eating plan, I do not do diets, and the idea of the 2-week challenge appealed to me as everything was laid out: the shopping list, the day-to-day plan and the actual recipes. The other thing it was only two weeks and if my wife and I could not get it to work then we had an endpoint to aim to get it to work or walk away.

For the two weeks of the challenge, I have not eaten so well in years. Salmon, pork chops, Asian-inspired meals and the list goes on.

Yes, there were some problems, my wife has a problem with eggs and in particular yolks, but egg white omelettes are a breakfast go-to for her along with a slice of bacon. We found that a couple of recipes did not suit us, but there are hundreds that you can sub in.

We have now moved on to 5 Weeks of Keto with Kristie as it is so easy to do. Dinner becomes lunch, we have settled into a breakfast routine that works for us, the emails offer encouragement and insights and the food is fantastic.


I did well the first week. The recipes were delicious and easy to make. The second week was difficult and I was unable to follow it very well. Should have done the recipes, but didn’t have time to prepare and go to the grocery store. I felt much better on the diet. Still stayed on lazy keto the second week, but snacked and skipped meals. I am 62 and female.


The challenge has set me up to win this time. So many programs that didn’t deliver but this one uses food I already buy but with a few simple changes. I can still have this or that with a shift. After two weeks, which were hard at times, I’m not craving breads and my sugar addition is coming under control.

Not only weight changes for me but others as well. I have rosacea and psoriasis and those are improving! I sleep well and wake up ready for the day. I’m finding energy. I would encourage anyone who has struggled with their weight to give challenge and program their attention. It will be the last one they try because it works! Thank you for making this simple, easy and doable!


Hello, I find the diet really easy once I’m in the zone. I do have the occasional day off but don’t get disillusioned about this; I just get back on it the next day. Really tasty food. Have lost 21 lbs (10 kg) in total and feel so much better. I have also convinced a few friends that this is the right lifestyle choice going forward and they have also enjoyed some real good results.


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