The keto challenge: “I have fallen in love with the keto way of eating”


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Here are new inspirational stories from people who’ve taken the challenge:


Hi guys,

I completed the two-week challenge and I’m excited.

In two weeks I lost 4 kilos (9 pounds). My starting weight was 91 kilos (200 pounds), height is 165 cm, age is 32. After two weeks, I weighed in at 87 kilos (192 pounds). My goal weight is 65 kilos (143 pounds). I’m continuing with the keto meal plans.

I have tried many diets before but found it difficult to stay on track. I even tried keto before but I didn’t know what I was doing. This program has really provided structure, education and support. I know I still have long to go but I’m quietly confident I will reach my goal and easily maintain my weight. I feel like I’m slowly taking my life back. Thank you.


The challenge is a good start for beginners, intermediate or pros. I mean who can’t do this for two weeks right?

I have been a low-carb eater for a while but not this low (20 grams a day). The first week, I was a bit tired but still felt fantastic. The only issue for me is sustainability. I have made the decision in my life that it is ok to mess up sometimes and that usually means a beer. I don’t care about bread, pasta, rice, etc., but I do like alcohol.

I’m going to live with myself rather than beat myself up. The keto way of eating really makes sense and it works! Weight wise, feeling good in general. Anyone who is thinking about keto should give it a try. The two-week challenge is doable.


The keto diet is the most effective diet for me cause I am not fat but I want to lose some extra kilos of fat (I’m an athlete).

This year was difficult because of my exams and I gained some weight, but with this diet, I am going to come back to my previous condition. Apart from that, you don’t need to starve, you don’t have cravings, your brain is so clear in a magical way and you can get your dream body very fast — because you lose fat, nothing else. Especially if you put fat in an area of your body, it’s ideal.

The downside is if you are an athlete, you can feel tired when you are doing sports. Generally, I recommend it to everyone, I think it works for almost everyone and even when I will consume carbohydrates in bigger amounts, it will still be in moderation to keep my keto results.😊

Maria, age 18, from Greece

I have fallen in love with the keto way of eating. During the two-week challenge, I have lost 4 kilos (9 pounds) and counting… I am going to keep going.

I live in Wellington, NZ.

Thank you for all the helpful tips and recipes.


I have read a couple of books on keto and found your site at about the same time.

I have to say that your site has been immensely helpful on this keto journey. Thank you for providing such excellent information that is practical and works. I’m down 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) in four weeks, and for a 64-year-old woman, that’s a lot for me.

I plan to continue eating the keto way forever as I’m feeling really well and much less bulky even with just 10 pounds gone. I see no need to return to sugar and carbs as keto food is DELICIOUS! Thanks for some great recipes, too!


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