The hearing of Professor Noakes in progress

Professor Tim Noakes – perhaps the world’s foremost advocate for LCHF for obesity and diabetes – was recently reported by the Association for Dietitians in his country. This after a tweet recommending a lower-carb diet for a child. An innocent piece of advice if you ask me.

The hearing of Professor Noakes is now going on. You can follow it live on Twitter using the hashtag #NoakesHearing.


Update: After many hours of discussions the hearing was postponed until November 23. The committee members who were to judge Professor Noakes apparently were not qualified to do so according to regulations.


  1. Wenchypoo
    I just did the same thing for my niece in AZ--I read in the news that scientists learned how to kill off (forever) HIV by "starving" it of sugar and nutrients, and my niece is suffering from a virus of unknown origin that likes to hide in scar tissue. I sent the article to her dad with the note that maybe HE could achieve the same results for her with a low-or even no-carb diet.

    Diet police: Come get me!

  2. bill
    And in November they still won't be
    qualified to judge him.
  3. greensleeves
    Niiiice. They attempt to hang him with a biased panel that violates the medical association's own by-laws. And when Noakes' lawyer points that out to them they act surprised! "What! We have by-laws? And we have to follow them? Um, what do they say - do you happen to know?"
    What a farce. What a pack of liars.
  4. robert
    Well, whatever they do... they can't touch him. Science & people (anecdotes) are on his side.

    Maybe it would be a convenient way for them to accept defeat and do a 180-turn.

  5. Boundless
    Some quarters are reporting this as a postponement due to a technicality (short one person registered with the same professional board as the accused), but the committee also tried to fill one chair with two different kangaroos (Wentzel-Viljoen, and then Blaauw).

    Nutrition is clearly not the only topic on which these people are both incompetent and corrupt.

  6. Arthur H
    They are beginning to realize that they have a tiger by the tail, and don't know how to let go without it eating them!
  7. CJ Jebsen-Ross
    This may be bad form since it's 3 years, but this led to THE MAGIC PILL, and the exoneration of the docter.

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