“The great butter revival is killing margarine”


Butter is considered healthy again. And that is bad news for fake butter, i.e. margarine. Sales are plummeting.

There are apparently rumors that the world’s foremost producer of margarine, Unilever, may get out of the business of producing margarine altogether. And they have already tried something slightly desperate in an attempt to court health-concious shoppers: adding butter to their margarine.

Quite a turnaround.

Daily Mail UK: How the Great Butter Revival Is Killing Margarine: A Turnaround in Expert Health Advice Means the Once-Popular Spread Could Soon Be Toast


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  1. Apicius
    Adding butter to margarine, to make margarine more healthy....hahahahahahaha!

    LoL!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  2. Peggy Cihocki
    And that's a good thing!

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