The Food rEvolution: now in three flavors

The Food Revolution

My Swedish book “The Food rEvolution” (center) from january this year is now published in Norwegian (left) and Finnish (right) as well. Hopefully it will one day be available in English too!

Which cover turned out best do you think?


  1. Charlie Shaughnessy
    That cover is awesome Andreas! Once it is in English I will definitely buy it!
  2. Don
    The Swedish cover is definitely best. Hopefully English version soon?
  3. Cindy
    They all look great, but if I had to choose, then the middle one.
  4. Melissa
    I think the covers are all just fantastic! Although, I have no idea what they say. The evolutional timeline is just priceless. I would definitely buy the book if its printed in English.
  5. I like the shadow from the light on the picture in middle and on the right.
    Also like the "clean" look of the top of the book at right.
  6. Sanddog
    Definitely the Swedish cover.

    If it's ever translated into English, I'll buy it.

  7. Turbo
    The middle one looks best.
  8. Great! Just waiting for the English version now. :-)
  9. Henrik Bugge
    I like the Norweigan version best. But I am biased(My father was born in Norway) There is more room fore hiking, and the colour are clear blue. So, shadows or light blue? But in the swedish version it is focus on the title!
  10. Lucy
    Picture and top part of book (where your name is) is best in the Norwegian version, Title down is best in the Swedish version. Combining is ok, right? ;-)
  11. We NEEED a danish version !!!!! Right now DOC !!
    You know that we´ll be hit by an extra tax on saturated fat later this year :(
    and ALL our political parties are HIGH carb/ low fat belivers so sadly an election wont do us much good.
  12. Funderaren
    Henriette, you Danes can always travel to sweden to fill up your fat supply. Just as we swedes travel to denmark for cheap highcarb beer.

    And if denmark would go low carb, you would do the best lowcarb in the world. ;)

  13. Sure ;)
    - but sadly it is almost a daytrip for me to go to Sweden.
  14. Mariola
    I'm waitting for the English version too¡¡¡
  15. What is the problem with the English translation? What is the 'showstopper'? Are there any plans for the book to be published in English at all?

    And is the book available in electronic format?

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