Everything that’s wrong with the new UK “Eatwell” guide


Here’s everything that’s wrong with the updated UK “eatwell” guide:

Zoë Harcombe: Eatwell Guide

Hint: an enormous 71% of calories are from starchy foods and junk food. The obsolete fat phobia is still alive, strangely enough. So this updated guide will hardly move the UK from the current top position as the most obese country in Europe.

Also note that behind the experts behind the guide lie enormous conflicts of interest. The junk food industry has had plenty of influence:

Zoë Harcombe: Eatwell Guide – Conflicts of Interest


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  1. Apicius
    Holy cow. As a female, if I follow this guide, eating 2000 calories per day of predominant bread, cereal, fruits, potatoes, beans, and fake fats like margarine and vegetable oil, I will regain tons of weight, and go back to feeling pain in all my joints and sleepy all day. Who designed this guide? The pharmaceutical industry?
  2. BobM
    Personally, I would remove "Whole Health Source" from your list of blog news. Read the following from the Whole Health Source blog: http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2016/02/what-i-eat.html

    He eats a lot of potatoes and fruit. He makes pancakes from buckwheat, rice, and chickpeas. He avoids adding fats to foods. He also considers bacon to be "junk food". Basically, his diet would make my blood sugars go through the roof and is exactly the opposite of what I eat. I rarely eat fruit, and then only berries and very infrequently. I eat NONE of the other starchy foods he eats. I eat bacon as much as I can. I add plenty of fat, mainly animal fats, to everything I cook and eat. I have experimented with eating some potatoes and white rice, but only for their resistant starch, and I minimize the amount I eat of these.

    So, what he advocates is something most people who eat low carb simply could not eat. When I first tried low carb, I tried eating low glycemic fruits like grapefruit. But I realized even that amount of carbs caused my blood sugar to rise and did not help my insulin resistance.

    There are people who can eat as he does, without ill effects. However, people who are eating low carb usually cannot.

  3. Diane
    I have written today to the Food Standards Agency to complain about the new guide and to ask them to provide the 'robust evidence' that they claim it is based on.
  4. Diane
    This is what I wrote 'I have to say that I am seriously not impressed with these new guidelines and I believe that they will lead to more obesity, heart disease and diabetes. I ran one of the suggested daily menus through a food tracker and it has a whopping 384g of carbs, 95g of which is sugar - that's 23 teaspoons. The World Health Organisation recommends no more than 6 teaspoons per day for adults! Granted, they are talking about added sugars, but sugar is sugar as far as your body is concerned, no matter where it comes from. The day's menu also comes in at 2300 calories with just 13% of those calories from fat - or just 33g - should you not be extremely concerned at the reducing of essential fatty acids to such a low level and it's potential effects on health. The reduction in dairy produce and emphasis on low fat versions is also very concerning as there is now scientific evidence showing that full fat dairy produce is protective against heart disease and obesity. The extreme weighting of the diet towards wheat based products is also very bad news for celiacs and those with wheat intolerance and the high levels of carbohydrate recommended will significantly raise the blood sugar levels of not only people with diabetes but those with pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. The new guidelines are a disaster and look like they were written by and for the cereal grain industry. I'd really like to see the 'robust' evidence on which FSS is claiming these guidlines are based on.'
  5. Pierre
    "The obsolete fat phobia is still alive"

    It is more than that, it is also a meat phobia. There is not meat on the picture.

    The anointed want people to believe that meat is bad for the environment by producing too much co2. Actually, a lot of people believe this insanity.

    The anointed want people to eat insect, bean, etc while themselves binge on Wagyu steak, caviar, etc.

  6. Dan
    Sickening! What an unfunny joke! Considering some people experience white bread raises their blood glucose faster than sugar it's ridiculous they even bother recommending a reduction in sugar!

    I think most people here in the UK ignore this nonsense for better or worse anyway. Sadly it dictates what's on offer for my children when they start school :(

    Oh well, I wasn't expecting much from a committee more committed to politicians and industry than true science or the health of the nation!

  7. Bex
    All the comments I've seen whenever this has been posted is telling Public Health England they've got ot wrong.. But they're not listening
  8. tony
    I see the NHS going bankrupt if the brits adopt the eatwell guide.
  9. Devlin
    These absurd recommendations are dangerous and fly in the face of everything we know about nutrition. This is what happens when government takes over anything. Special interests (in this case the food industry and big-pharm) completely control the process and pretty soon everything is turned on its head. Our governmental "health" advice makes us sicker and our "nutritional" advice makes us fat and lethargic.

    Government cannot and will not solve these problems - they will only serve to continue to promote them. A sugar tax (the magic bullet promoted on this site) will do absolutely nothing but make average people's food cost more and give your retched government MORE money to do MORE harm with. We must continue to be healthy, as individuals, and share your lchf gospel with everyone we know.

  10. Warren
    If you just cover up the right hand side of the plate, then it sort of works.
  11. Mary Titus
    This pyramid is perfect for me once I remove the foods wrapped in boxes, bags and bottles then increase the meat and fats . keep the veggies but not so much. I'm not a rabbit after all. There, perfect!!!
  12. Dorris
    No wonder I'm so confused, I don't know who to trust to lose weight and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle ? Help uk !!!
  13. Barbs
    Dorris, its simple, don't trust our government NHS guidelines that's why we're in the mess we're in now. When I was a child there was no such thing as obese children like you see today. It all started in the 1960's with low fat this and that ie more sugar and the launch of the diet industry.
  14. Mark
    Is there a peer reviewed source to support the claim that dairy protects against obesity and heart disease? The levels of salt and saturated fat in dairy products, not to mention the fact that milk, the source of dairy products, is a hormonal fluid designed to support the growth of a baby cow, suggests it is something that is not beneficial to human health. My own father suffered a TIA 2 years ago due to a blocked artery in his neck. He cut out all meat, fish, eggs and dairy overnight and within 11 months, the doctors were amazed to see the blockage had begun to become unblocked. No statins, no surgery. It is becoming more and more apparent that not only are these types of food not beneficial to human health, but they actually stop the human body and its systems operating optimally. Increased levels of IGF1s are also proven to be linked to heme iron (blood iron found exclusively in animal products) which promote cancer cell growth.
    Of course, people can choose to include these foods under the belief that they are healthy. However, having tried living with these foods, and living without them, I have drawn my own conclusions that not only are they unnecessary, but they actually prevent our bodies, particularly our immune systems, operating properly. I've been enjoying the best health I've ever known at the age of 49 since moving exclusively to plants 4 years ago - no colds, I've lost excess weight and my weight has now stabilised and I no longer experience sluggishness. I couldn't recommend it enough. Once you have tried living both ways, there really is no comparison.

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