The Diet Doctor purpose: How would you like to contribute?

How would you like to contribute to the Diet Doctor cause? We asked our members and got more than 2,000 replies. Here are the results:


The Diet Doctor purpose

As you can see, nearly all members apparently know what the Diet Doctor cause is. This is awesome as the cause is massively important to us – the reason we go to work in the morning.

Diet Doctor isn’t a “normal” company. We don’t exist to make as much money as possible, we don’t believe in that. We have no investors, nobody who needs their money back with interest, so we can take an extremely long-term view. We’re a purpose-driven company like SpaceX and Tesla, meaning we exist to make a difference.

The difference we want to make, our purpose, is this:

Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

To make such a difference we must think long-term and we’re working hard to build a company that can outlive us.

However, to focus our daily efforts we also need a more short-term mission. This mission can be seen as the next significant achievement we’re going to make on the long journey towards our purpose.

Our current mission is to make low carb simple.

We believe a billion or more people could benefit from low carb, especially those who suffer from obesity and type 2 diabetes, and we’re massively excited about achieving this mission, making low carb simple to do.

Learn more about our purpose and mission

Thank you

You are the reason we can hire great people and work hard to make low carb simple. And hard work pays off – is now the largest low-carb site in the world. Pretty cool.

We’re not willing to compromise our trustworthiness by having ads, selling products or taking money from industry, and therefore your contribution is essential to our existence.

This would not have been possible without people like you. Not without over 16,000 people supporting us via our optional membership. Not without everyone who is spreading the word about Diet Doctor or helping other people succeed on low carb.

Thank you.

What does “making low carb simple” mean to you?

Do you want to make a small but important contribution right now? Then answer this question:

What would have to change for low carb to feel simple for you?

We’re trying to answer this question and knowing your opinion will help. Email your answer to us or comment at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Diane
    What would I like to make low carb simple? One thing I find really difficult is explaining low carb to other people in a way that they can understand. A small simple and concise booklet that described what a low carb diet is, what the benefits are - weight loss, blood sugar control, better health etc, what foods are allowed and not allowed, explanation of good fats/bad fats would be very helpful to give to them or to show them. It would also be helpful to show to doctors so that they could understand what we are trying to do with our diet. The leaflet could be available as a pdf that could be downloaded and printed and could also be available in printed form to buy from you?
    Reply: #2
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, we're considering one of these. Thanks!
    Reply: #3
  3. Diane
    Great news and can't happen quick enough for me!!! I'm trying to transition my mum to LCHF to help with Alzheimer's and I need everyone in her social circle to understand it!
  4. NancyJ
    I explained LCHF to my friend by showing her the LCHF for Beginners in the back of the Diet Doctor's book. I told her that if she found the advice interesting she should read the book and check out the website. So I second a concise booklet.

    I have noticed that some of my older friends have a lot of trouble navigating the website so I have copied and pasted onto a document the What to eat and What to avoid form the website (with proper attribution).

  5. bill
    Something like that here:

    Sam Feltham's organization.

  6. KAREN
    Its hard to explain to people because they start saying, ohhh that's not healthy. I just tell them to go to diet doctor and watch the video.
  7. Luke H
    To make low carb simple, I'd like a "wizard" type tool that lets you build your eating plan 1 week at a time. You could choose what types of meals you'd like as you went and you could opt in to make meals or sides ahead of time to eat throughout the week so you don't have to cook daily: the tool would provide instructions on what to cook and when. At the end it would generate an overview or a step by step instructions view complete with all of the ingredients you would need for that week's plan. As you went, the wizard would learn and adjust to your preferences as you'd have the ability to grade each meal as you went which would feed into the community grading like Netflix movie grades. You could mark favorites too and build a deeper and deeper library of options you personally like to make and eat. There could even be a "surprise me" option to have a dish picked for you: you choose chicken for example and it picks a chicken dish which you could accept or dismiss for another option to be provided. Macros would play a big part in the structure as I personally find that mix confusing. Finishing off a successful meal week, I often feel intimidated anticipating "doing it all over" and starting anew. I think a tool like this could really aid in helping alleviate that stress.

    By the way, thanks for all you do. Reading this blog and hearing the altruistic mission statement and the disdain towards serving other interests, it really is inspiring. Keep it up!

    Reply: #8
  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    You'd be surprised how close that is to some discussions here at the HQ... ;)
  9. Apicius
    I've given up telling people about LCHF. Butter, saturated fats, meat,...etc...still taboo subjects I find. When people see me avoid the pasta, potatoes and bread in my plate, I just tell them it makes me feel horrible afterwards. It's my "soft" way of dropping a hint.
  10. Tim
    I don't believe you're anything like Tesla and Spaceex, unless you've received billions (almost 5 billions to date) in government subsidies? Unlike DietDoctor, it seems their purpose is to bilk taxpayers.

    Seems to me DietDoctor advocates the exact opposite, it shows how to take personal responsibility for your health. Which, of course, can be extended to every area of life.

    Reply: #11
  11. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Tim, in most ways we're not like Tesla or SpaceX but in one way we are: all three companies exist to improve the world, not to make profits (profits are necessary to make an impact though).
  12. Tim
    My point was if Tesla and Spacex want to improve the world they should pay for it themselves without depending on billions of dollars forcibly extracted from taxpayers. The taxpayers may have wanted to do a little improving, themselves.

    For instance, use the money to promote LCHF...such as you are doing.

  13. Eric
    Why not write an article on time restricted feeding research at Salk institute lab of doctor Panda and the free smart phone app to track eating times amounts and macro nutrients. Why wait years for research we can do and co tribute to ourselves? The ultimate self help!
    Reply: #14
  14. bill
    Really? You can eat within a 12 hour period
    each day? So you can have breakfast at 7 AM,
    lunch at noon and and dinner at 6 PM? What's
    so unusual about that? This is "restricted feeding"?
    I'm not seein' it.

    Why not just try Low Carb High Fat and then eat
    whenever you want?

  15. Eric
    Why not both? Hflc and 6 hour feeding window!
    Look at the results and decide for yourself!
  16. Eric
    Bill look at doctor Pandas research. Seems half the people eat 15 or more hours per day. Less than 16 hours of eating is better than note, 12 izx better than 15 and 9 izs better than 12. Is 6 joiurzs of an eati ng window optimal? At what point and what degree do macro nutrients and time restricted feeding mesh for or towards more optimal health? And as o important when is compliance higher?

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