The Decline of Big Soda

The Decline of Big Soda

Here’s a fantastic piece on the growing troubles of Big Soda – like the fact that ever fewer people drink soda and that drinking soda is considered the new smoking by more and more people:

NYT: The Decline of Big Soda


The Coca-Cola Problem is Getting Uncomfortable – Coke Gets Dumped by Doctors and Dietitians

23 Packets of Sugar in One SMALL Soda??

Reduced Soda Consumption Forces Coca-Cola to Cut Thousands of Jobs

Before and After One Month On Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Admits Its Big Fat Problem


  1. Stealth
    Beverage companies market heavily to the Latino community. There are areas where it's not unusual to see toddlers clutching sodas and baby bottles designed to look like popular soft drink containers. It comes as no surprise that there are higher rates of childhood obesity and diabetes in that population.

    Meanwhile, the proliferation of sports drinks, flavored ice teas, and juices to the more affluent populations are just a horse of a different color. And nobody in this article mentioned the sugary impact of 5 dollar Starbucks creations--candy in a cup. Soda sales may be down, but liquid sugar is not gone. It just costs more.

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  2. Apicius
    Interesting graph in that NYT news article. Soda consumption dropped by 15% since year 2000, but water consumption increased by 30%. This means water is displacing not only soda, but other beverages, too. I wonder what that other could be - fruit juice? Milk? Non-fizzy sugary drinks?
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  3. murray
    Bottled water replacing tap water?
  4. greensleeves21
    Absolutely Stealth! Cannot tell you how many of my colleagues refuse to drink soda but run around with enormous Starbucks coffee milkshakes made with plenty of syrup, or drink "healthy" sugar & fruit flavord Vitamin Waters. And those juices/kombuchas from the organic markets are plenty sweet.
  5. palo
    Before I went LCHF I used to drink a lot of coke/pepsi/rcc and they all tasted delicious. I had not has a soda in 3 years so the other day out of curiosity I poured myself a glass of coke. I drank it and it tasted awful, like medicine. I threw away the rest of the coke.

    This is good news because once the people lose taste for this garbage, it's unlikely they'll go back to it.

  6. chris c
    I was lucky I seldom/never drank the stuff. Oh wait, I wasn't lucky at all, I drank lots of that "healthy" dietician-approved orange juice instead

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