The darkest secrets of the food industry

Do you want to know the darkest secrets of the food industry? Read the great new book Salt Sugar Fat, like I’m doing right now.

The author, Pulitzer prize-winner Michael Moss, was just on the Daily Show. Watch it above.

A short comment on the book: While it’s mostly great it’s also partly stuck in the failed dogma of yesterday. Natural saturated fat is still a villain. The main solution? FRUITANDVEGETABLES. Yawn. But if you ignore that the book is absolutely fascinating. Mostly for the insights we get into the minds of the people running the processed food industry.

Highly recommended: Salt Sugar Fat – How the Food Giants Hooked Us.

More: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food


  1. Sherry
    Well, at least I have kangaroos and boomarangs :( This video is not available in my location, (Australia). Is there another site I might try to watch it from?
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  2. Craig Crawford
    I might've bought that book had it not listed saturated fat as a villain. But all its credibility went out the window when you mentioned this.
  3. Ralph, Cleethorpes, UK
    There seems to be a spate of your linked videos being withdrawn from you tube.
  4. Björn
    It does not play in Sweden either.

    Is it available on e.g. Youtube?

  5. Robyn
    This book was great until it started to dawn on me as I was listening to it that "this guy still thinks calories in and calories out works" Oh my goodness. I probably wouldn't have bought it if I'd realised that. Though it's amazing to see the inner workings of these companies it just grates on me whenever he states so simply that saturated fat is bad. Argh.

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