The countdown begins


Big things are coming up and now the countdown begins. In four days [Saturday update: two days] we’ll launch the most significant new thing since we started Diet Doctor, back in 2011.

On Monday, April 20th – right here on – we’ll open the gates.


  1. Charging?
    I hope it won't be a site where you'll be charging people for access...
  2. Doreen
    This is exciting!
  3. Ash Simmonds
    20th April eh...?

    Fear not everyone, I've got all the research you could possibly want on 4/20 and low carb/keto stuff. :)


  4. Anthony
    Keep spreading the word Andreas ! Your site has saved my health and saved me money on medications ..... Thankyou.
  5. Kumar Lomash
    This site is a life saver already. I can't imagine what an upgrade would be capable of.

    Can't wait!

    Reply: #8
  6. Megan
    Please let it be a forum - I miss jimmy's and all the people I met there. Intsagram just isn't the same...
  7. Jessica
    Such a TEASE!!!!
  8. Maggan A
    Kumar Lomash

    more people and more lives ;-)

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