The Coca-Cola-funded obesity experts scandal hits the UK

Here’s the front page of the UK Times today. The paper is full of stories on the scandal, where Coca-Cola has funded tons of scientists and big public health organizations and government health advisers – who then (surprise, surprise) deny the role of sugar in obesity.

Outrageous stuff, as usual when it comes to modern Big Soda tactics (just like the shenanigans of Big Tobacco a few decades ago). Basically any expert denying the role of sugar in obesity and diabetes have been eligible for a bonus of sugar money, something that’s completely distorted the public debate on sugar.

Unfortunately most of the articles are behind a paywall, but you can read the beginnings here:


The New – and Secretly Paid – Faces of Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Problem is Getting Uncomfortable – Coke Gets Dumped by Doctors and Dietitians

Exposed: The Scientists and Organizations Taking Sugar Money

“Coca-Cola Caught Funding Scientists Who Deflect Blame for Obesity Away From Sugary Drinks”

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