The candy and the antidote

Free Diabetes Medication

How do you like this irony? It’s like promising free lung cancer treatment by the cigarettes. The problem is that the treatment rarely makes the disease go away.

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  1. Wow, that's messed up! Very appropriate to have that sign there though. The obvious choice would be to avoid that junk but diabetics have been told to just shoot up more insulin instead of cutting out the carbs and sugar. Sad state of affairs, for sure!


  2. Haha! What a joke! Except it's not... So very sad!
  3. John Myers
    part of the problem + part of the solution = medical industrial complex
  4. Alexandra M
    I just posted that on Facebook. Quite a few people suddenly sat up and took notice. Of course they'll have forgotten all about it by dinner time. :(

    But thanks, Doc - sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words!

  5. Alexandra M
    It's a scheme Tony Soprano could have been proud of: We'll lend you the money to get in the poker game, and when you lose all your money and more, we'll lend you the money to cover your debts (at 200% interest) and when you can't pay up, we'll break your kneecaps and loot your business...
  6. moreporkplease
    This tactic is everywhere in the T2D world. For example, Diabetic Cooking magazine is sold at my local Whole Foods. Here's the cover of the latest issue - "Sweet Spring Desserts!"

    Because T2D people are lacking in sugar, right? Because as we all know, high fat diets are the sole cause of T2D, and sugar is good for diabetics, since the more sugar you eat, the less fat -- um, NOT.

  7. Alexandra M
    "Because T2D people are lacking in sugar, right?"

    Believe it or not, that was what my (late) father told me one day as he reached for another doughnut, after being diagnose with T2D. He said being diabetic meant he would die without sugar!

    He was a physician (chief of anesthesiology at my city's second largest hospital). He eventually died of renal failure.

    If I had known then what I know now ... we just would have fought even more.

  8. Alexandra M, I'm very sorry about your father.

    Dr. Eenfeldt, I can't believe that the above picture is for real. It must be some kind of a joke. Could you let us know what the source of this picture is? Thanks.

  9. That just about says it all really!
  10. The ironies pile up when you're talking about diabetes, at least in the US. Just had to take a bunch of food to my sister in the hospital. She's a diabetic and the diabetic breakfast this AM was 39 grams of carbs and the dinner was 46 grams. That's in a large, reputable teaching hospital! I took her a caesar salad with chicken, some cantaloupe and cheddar cheese to keep her from having to re-calibrate her insulin pump. It's sickening... literally.
  11. moreporkplease
    Hi Stephanie:

    "The ironies pile up"

    Oh they sure do. For example, let's take our friends, the Danes. The official Danish advice for T2D goes like this:

    "You should eat at least 130 g carbohydrate per day for optimal glucose concentration to the brain. There is no upper limit for intake of carbohydrates, but more than 65 percent of energy should come from carbohydrates. . ."

    It gets better!

    "Previously it was believed that sugar was the carbohydrate affecting blood sugar the most. Therefore it was recommended that diabetics completely avoid sugar. Today, however, we know that other types of carbohydrate, eg starch in white bread, can give as much blood sugar rise as sugar.

    There is therefore no need to avoid sugar...Recent studies show that diabetics can eat the same amount of sugar recommended for the general population. "

    And the Danes wonder why their T2D rate has doubled in the last 10 years?

  12. Laura
    Somebody also pointed out to me that companies like SONY make both headphones & hearing aids...excpet they are not (YET) offering those for free...why if you stand to make money from the damage you inflict...I am SHOCKED by teh cinical society we live in!

    I'll stick my head back in the bucket of sugar free lard where it brain will have to make do with ketons I am afraid

  13. Alexandra M
    A nutrition blogger in North Carolina (USA) has been threatened with prosecution for "practicing nutrition without a license." Somehow I don't think they'd be going after him if he were echoing the asinine recommendations to eat carbohydrates.

    There's irony in this also, because North Carolina is where Duke University is located and where Dr. Eric Westman is doing his excellent work treating diabetics with carbohydrate restriction.

  14. Only with diabetes is the cure more of what is killing you!
  15. Alexandra M
    "Only with diabetes is the cure more of what is killing you!"

    And heart disease and dementia and cancer...

  16. Jay Wortman MD
    Diabetes is, by definition, an intolerance to carbohydrates.

    This is the only food intolerance condition where we insist that sufferers should get more than half their calories from the offending foods.


  17. moreporkplease
    "Obesity and the form of diabetes linked to it are taking an even worse toll on America’s youth than medical experts had realized. As obesity rates in children have climbed, so has the incidence of type 2 diabetes, and a new study adds another worry: the disease progresses more rapidly in children than in adults, and is harder to treat.

    “It’s frightening how severe this metabolic disease is in children,” said Dr. David M. Nathan, an author of the study and director of the diabetes center at the Massachusetts General Hospital. “It’s really got a hold on them and it’s hard to turn around.”

  18. Kate
    The sign by the doughnuts is just silly and sad

    Stephanie-- I don't understand why your sister would have to adjust her insulin pump based on the carbs in the meals? If her basal rates are set at the right level, the only adjustment she would need to make is to the amount of bolus for her meal. Considering the fact that they provided her with the carb count for the meal, she should have no problem making that calculation.

  19. Erin
    Kate... the question is... why are they giving her so many carbs???? not what to do about it...

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