The British Queen has a “no starch” rule


Queen Elizabeth II adores butter and avoids starch according to former royal chef Mr Darren McGrady.

The royal chef also revealed that the Queen keeps a close eye on her figure and avoids potatoes, rice and pasta. Sounds like she’s living a low carb lifestyle!

Dailymail: Seasonal food, plenty of butter and grilled chicken lunches to stay slim: The secrets of the Queen’s diet revealed by former chef

Do you eat like a Queen already? If not you can learn it here: LCHF for Beginners


  1. iAnna
    Yes, of course I eat like a queen!
    Eggs with butter, and avocado with oliv oil and salt everyday. Now and then sirloin with béarnaise sauce.
    And the best part - I'm never hungry!
  2. Apicius
    Unfortunately the queen may look after her diet, but there is less attention to care for the diets of her subjects. The royal family provides endorsement for many foods made with Sugar and Wheat and other unhealthy ingredients by allowing the use of Royal Warrant seal on the packaging. Check out these food purveyors who currently proudly display the royal endorsement on their packaging or website:
  3. Estella Matheson
    I think the Warrants were perhaps issued before we all became 'aware' and it would not be deemed correct to take them away now. They were probably issued in times when people of the UK were not overweight - people became overweight with the introduction of fast food and packaged supermarket food - not given The Royal Warrant!

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