The best types of food for the best types of fat

What are the best types of food to eat to maximize the best types of fat? And, could vegetable oils be a healthy choice?

In this interview, Kim Gajraj talks with Dr. Trudi Deakin to learn all about what you can eat for better health and what kind of impact food has on diseases like type 2 diabetes.


Kim Gajraj:  So what are the types of food to eat to maximize the best types of fat?

Dr. Trudi Deakin:  Real foods. So it’s eating foods in their natural form. People often ask about the spreads. If you go to the supermarket and pick up a packet of a spread and look at the ingredients… they are long.

There’s a lot of ingredients in there. And also those spreads have been made from refined vegetable oils. And when you go to the supermarket and you buy some vegetable oil it normally has pictures of flowers on the front of it.

So sunflower oil will have pictures of sunflower on the front of that label. That gives the public the impression that the product is healthy. But the processing of the sunflowers into the vegetable oil is ugly.

It involves a lot of heat, it involves a lot of chemicals like hexane being added and then they’re deodorized and bleached. So the end product of making vegetable oil is not a natural product at all. It is damaged.

And when vegetable oils are heated then it can cause further damage. So eating vegetable oils isn’t good for us. And when the vegetable oils are made into spreads that’s even worse.

So the oils that people should choose to eat are the ones that haven’t been heat-treated or chemically treated. So that would be something like the extra-virgin olive oil or cold-pressed rapeseed oil. The natural fats that our grandparents used to eat are great.

Butter, if you look at the ingredients of butter is buttermilk. Sometimes with salt as well. One or two ingredients. Coconut oil is just made out of– the virgin coconut oil is just made out of coconuts.

And then we’ve got the avocado. It gives us a really good amount of natural fats. The oily fish again gives us the Omega-3 fatty acids, haven’t been processed at all. So it’s a great way that we can get natural fats from the foods that we eat.


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