The best diets in real life? First Atkins, then paleo and Dukan, apparently


What are the best diets for losing weight in real life?

Withings, the makers of wireless scales, recently polled their users about what kind of diet – if any – they were following. They then correlated this information with the actual weight lost on the scale.

The results? Overall Atkins came in as the most effective diet, followed by Paleo and Dukan. Three low-carb diets at the top of all other diets… about the same as more rigorous scientific trials show.

Withings: Which diet will work for you?

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  1. Carrie
    I haven't heard of Dylan before. Looking briefly at it it doesn't seem to be the best approach with limiting to only protein and bran at first. I wondered if anyone has taken a good look at it and could give more information. I think I will stay with LCHF yet also wonder if there would be any real benefit to that small amount of bran.

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