The AMA’s attempt to silence The Magic Pill backfires

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Oops… It looks like the Australian Medical Association’s attempt to remove The Magic Pill from Netflix has backfired. In a Facebook post yesterday, producer Pete Evans updated us on the situation. Having spoken to Netflix, it has been decided that the documentary will now be released globally across their platform in different languages. Plus, you can now buy the DVD or Blu-Ray on Amazon where it is available for international shipping. Ironically, the AMA’s criticisms and the mainstream media attention may have made the movie even more popular than it otherwise might have been. That must be quite a bitter pill to swallow!

Here is the Facebook post from Chef Pete Evans:

Magic Pill expansion


This is not the first time we are seeing a dramatic reaction to a well-reasoned suggestion to restrict sugar and processed carbs as part of a healthy diet. From Prof. Tim Noakes’ trial in South Africa to Dr. Gary Fettke’s troubles with hospital administration in Australia, those who stand up and advocate a low-carb diet can have a pretty hard time.

So why are there so many attempts to silence those who advocate carbohydrate restriction?

Well, for one thing, there is quite some money to be made from keeping people sick from eating carbs. Throw in some fear and resistance to change and a lack of understanding of the flawed science behind current nutritional guidelines and we start to get a picture of why this might be.

Luckily, low carb and keto diets are being Googled more now than ever before, more and more doctors are beginning to use low carb in their practices and more and more scientific research is being carried out to support the benefits of restricting carbs in the human diet.

What can you do?

True change comes from the bottom up. When we as individuals take action we can propel the waves of change. Here are some ideas:

Other low carb documentaries


  1. Cassieoz
    My abiding impression from reading the news reports was that the AMA spokesman hadn't actually watched the movie. Stupid people!
  2. Arthur H Hazeldine
    There is no accounting for "Stupid"!
  3. Glenda
    My husband and I watched this today. VERY powerful movie. We are both (retired now) Family Practice health care providers. We both regret we didn't know this 40 years ago because of all the people we could have helped! So impressed with the people in this movie. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  4. Leesa
    Fantastic! I love the fact that people are standing up for themselves and getting improved health by changing the way they eat. I have been following a Keto diet since Jan 2018 and have lost 25lbs and eliminated metabolic syndrome.
  5. Liz in 'straya
    I watched this today on Netflix, and was impressed, particularly the work of Hope for Health with indigenous people on Elcho Island, Northern Territory, Australia.
    Here is something you can do: help support the work of HFH by making a donation:

    Support HFH on FB:

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  7. Katherine
    It's not just the weight loss, which was my primary aim, increased health is a great outcome as well. In the last say ten years I've suffered about six bad colds each year and a couple of more intense episodes of things like bronchitis, tonsilitis etc. Usually home from work for a week a couple of times a year with coldsores from rubbing nose and all the yukkiness. Now low carb for 14 months I have not had a single cold in that time. Not one. I find it quite amazing!
  8. Tera
    The truth will not be silenced.
  9. Mark
    BOOM!! <3
  10. Ian A
    I’ve always been healthy and very active (professional athlete) but after retiring experienced the “inevitable” slide into pain, sleep problems and reduced health.

    As a medical professional specializing in fitness, I was listening to Dr. Noakes present at one of our conferences in 2013 (with a great deal of skepticism), but the evidence was impossible to ignore.

    Being curious I followed his advice, did my own reading and came to the inevitable conclusion that that he is 100% correct. All my blood markers have gone from good to great and I recover faster and can train more efficiently, i.e. harder and less frequently with better results.

    This incontrovertible truth is well explained in The Magic Pill.

  11. JC Gellert
    I feel sorry for those who deny the poisonous threat of high carbs and sugar. I wish someone had told me that 40 years ago. One year in Keto and feeling great. This movie is not the only source of i formation. I recommend to read Mark Sisson books.
  12. Annto
    After trying to loose wait for years, I finally gave this a try and it works!!! I am very happy with the results and have adjusted my lifestyle to a low carb diet. I feel healthier.
  13. Joan Soo
    Seasonality. Energy sources for animals are seasonal, in nature. Modern people don't see the seasonality. We have supermarkets, and canned and frozen fruits and vegetables available to us year-'round. We are also immune to the seasonality of light. Electricity makes it impossible to acheive adequate exposure to darkness.
    Living an "all-summer-all-the-time" life causes health problems.
    My favorite book on this subject is "Lights Out! Sleep, Sugar, and Survival," by T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby, Ph.D. Get it from your library, for a try-on. Buy it, if you like it.
  14. Lisa
    After watching the magic pill in October 2019, I tried the diet. In 30 days I lost 25 pounds, my skin improved and so did my digestion. I did not do any exercise. I am 55 years old with a bad back so my activity level is non existent. Now in July 2020, Netflix got rid of the magic pill because the documentary is 100% accurate and they don’t want people becoming healthy. I am living proof.
  15. susi
    hello, can anyone tell me wich languages and subtitles are on the dvd? german perhaps?
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  16. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    hello, can anyone tell me wich languages and subtitles are on the dvd? german perhaps?

    According to the iTunes description, it is available with French, Spanish, and German subtitles.

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