The 5 most common mistakes on LCHF (teaser)

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Do you get a great effect from eating LCHF? Or is there a problem – do you have a hard time reaching your goal weight, are you hungry or do you feel bad?

In that case you could be doing one of the five most common mistakes on LCHF. In this short video I go through them.

Above you can see the first half of the video, with three of the mistakes. The whole video with all five mistakes is ().

Have you made any of the mistakes or do you have any more to suggest?


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  1. Sylvia
    My problem is I can't sleep on a LCHF diet. The longer I'm on the diet, the worse my sleep becomes. I can always fall asleep easily but wake multiple times throughout the night and wake very early - around 4am. I think I'm getting hypoglycemia at night.
    So I become increasingly exhausted and eventually eat a large amount of junk carbs (eg. ice-cream, biscuits, chocolate), and then for the next few nights to a week I sleep like a baby.

    I've found that taking magnesium improves this a little, and Stephen Phinney has spoken about an increased need for magnesium on ketogenic diets.
    But carbs are sedating, and there is research saying that high glycemic index carbs eaten at night facilitate tryptophan entry into the brain.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. Dmding
    Dear Diet Doctor,

    Type 1 diabetic.

    I am 2 months on LCHF and i still have brain fog... so i am guessing i am not doing something good! even though i read all the books out there and blogs etc.

    So ...

    My intake is 30 carbs per day .... ( i cant get it lower than this ... simply not possible )

    80 protein adn 380 grams of fat.

    Male 27 years / 71 kg
    30 carbs / 80 protein / ~380 fat
    Salt 4 gr per day. 800mg magnesium / 500 mg potassium
    I am still tired...
    especially every day after lunch. Have brain fog. And lethargic.

    One i have noticed when i do workout i have energy to do one more... but its hard to survive whole day without sleeping. Especially around 15 o clock my eyes just want to close.

    What am i doing wrong?

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  3. fredt
    you seem to be saying if we are not losing weight, we are doing something wrong. Are you sure about that? Do you really want to lose our readership?
    I still need to limit my intake, just as I always have need to do. Living hungry is normal for some of us, otherwise we gain. Until you accept this fact for some of us, you are just another asshole pushing his plan of eating.
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  4. Pierre
    Try omega 3 or eat more fish like salmon or mackerel
  5. Pierre
    "you seem to be saying if we are not losing weight, we are doing something wrong. Are you sure about that? Do you really want to lose our readership?"

    He's right, you are wrong.

  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Are you sure you're not taking more insulin than you need? An extremely low carb/low protein diet will make the insulin requirements go down A LOT and if you take too much you'd certainly get brain fog and feel tired.

    If that does not help I'd experiment with increasing the carb and protein amounts a little bit to see if you feel better. Certainly that would make it slightly more of a challenge to maintain perfect blood sugar control, but it could be worth it if it would make you feel better.

  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    you seem to be saying if we are not losing weight, we are doing something wrong.

    That is definitely not what I meant.

    My point is that if it's hard to reach your goal weight, then it's possible something could be improved. That should not be too controversial.

    Certainly for a lot of people it's hard to reach their weight goals, while others have an easy time doing it even without any special effort. It's very unfair.

  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    One suggestion could be to do a more moderate LCHF diet with an addition of 20-40 extra grams of good carbs. Pehaps it would make the problem go away and it's certainly better than a lot of junk carbs!

    Going on a ketogenic diet makes some people very energetic – good during the day, potentially not good at night.

  9. Boundless
    re: My problem is I can't sleep on a LCHF diet.

    Eliminate blue light after dusk. Look into the "blue light at night" problem and/or "intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells" (ipRGCs).

    Also do a course of a quality probiotic, and permanently add prebiotic fiber to your diet.

    Both of these can have profound effects on sleep, and are worth doing by everyone, with or without sleep problems.

  10. Tina
    Well, it's a "low" carb diet, not a "no" carb diet. I had the same problem, but what helped me was to change from eating my small carb allocation (such as some carrot or sweet potatoe or greek joghurt) in the evening rather than for lunch.
  11. Murray
    I used to have a similar sleep issue after going lchf. Either through tinkering or body adaptation it went away. Perhaps the liver needs more time to get efficient at gluconeogenesis, so supplying some slow-carbs later in the day makes sense. In addition to eliminating blue light (or wearing blue-blocking lenses), etc., I find that having a tablespoon of MCT oil right before bed made me sleep more soundly. Ketones are a good power boost to brain mitochondria to enhance the glymphatic system at night. Eating leafy greens in the day helps (more brain-friendly butyrate from fermenting fiber). That said, I noticeably don't need as much sleep as I used to need before lchf.
  12. Ron
    I am at a loss why you would do a bait and switch video here.

    So you provide free content you say, then when one starts to click on your video(in the free content area), it stops abruptly and only if you pay $9.00 then you can view the rest.

    Seems like a pretty sleazy thing to do Dr.

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  13. erdoke
    You can watch all available videos (and other premium content) during the free month. This will enable you to judge that future content is going to worth the money or not.
  14. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It clearly says in the short blog post above that the video is not the entire video course but just the beginning. And that the rest can be seen with a free trial membership.

    I think giving away highlights or parts of membership videos even without signing up is potential value. It also demonstrates the quality and content of the membership material for people who are considering signing up.

  15. Wendy
    I'm assuming #1 is eat more fat? That's usually it. Doesn't make a difference for me. I just get really nauseous and tired. Makes me feel gross and heavy.
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  16. Erica
    I watched a video of you 'Diet Doctor' speaking at a seminar back in 2011 or so. I liked what you had to say so much that I immediately started researching more about the L.C.H.F lifestyle. I have to say your video and your website and the availability of FREE information is what made me decide to start this lifestyle change in January!
  17. Zepp
    No its not.. its.. replace moste of the carbs whit fat.. calorie for calorie, keep the protein and all the veggies!

    Its often high carb+high fat that make one nauseus and tired!

  18. alan
    supplement with tryptophan along magnesium at nite. and drink a couple of teaspoon of salt a day in plenty of water to dilute it well so that you can drink it no problem
  19. Taylor
    I really enjoyed the infomation you provided and was fast becoming a regular reader of your this bait and switch video came as a disappointment. I think I'll go back to the vast number of free blogs from other knowlegeable people. Best of luck with your new website though :)
  20. Paul
    For those struggling to sleep on a lchf diet. Try taking 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw unmodified potato starch in cold water just before bed. There's no digestible carbs in it, so won't affect whatever targets you have, and your gut will thank you. Dreams become amazing when you do this.
  21. Sylvia
    Thank you to everyone who responded.
    I think there are a few problems in my situation - fatty liver which is less able to store glycogen, and I'm not yet fat adapted, so I'm running out of fuel in the early hours of the morning.

    Also I do have gut issues. FODMAPS seem to make me bloated and days that I'm bloated my sleep is much worse. Eating the junk food that's high in sugar gives me diarrhoea, and that may be the reason I end up sleeping much better. I've noticed that having diarrhoea for any reason always ends up giving me a much better sleep that night.

    It's frustrating because when I eat "healthy food" - eg. poultry or fish with lots of vegetables (eg. broccoli, cauliflower, onion), I feel bloated, exhausted and have dreadful sleep. When I eat junk food I feel much better. I think I have SIBO and the occasional diarrhoea clears it out and gives me temporary relief.

    I think I've been eating more vegetables than my digestive capacity can tolerate at the moment, and the wrong vegetables for me.
    I'll try a low FODMAP LCHF diet.

    Thanks again.

  22. Murray
    This video is a teaser, not bait and switch. Dr. Eenfeldt says right up front this is only the first half of the video.

    When you link to a trailer for film X it is a teaser. But if you link to a teaser for film X and part way through it becomes an ad for film Y or some political cause, then that is bait and switch. Bait and switch is when a car dealership advertises car X for a great price but when you come in they have none in stock and they push car Y at an unfavourable price. "Bait and switch" is an unfair trade practice and it is inappropriate to label this video as bait and switch.

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  23. BobM
    Is anyone here from Sweden? My family will be visiting Sweden and Stockholm this summer. Are there low carb places to eat in Stockholm? If so, do you have any recommendations? We'll be staying at a friend's house for part of the trip. Are there low carb foods to eat in Sweden (or foods to avoid eating) that we can pick up at a grocery store (other than meat that is)? For instance, lately I've been eating liverwurst when I'm hungry between meals, as it's quite high in fat (75%+ by calories), yet is also packed with a lot of nutrition. Is there a Swedish equivalent to liverwurst? Is there a Swedish equivalent to sausages (and if so are they made without added sugar?)? Or should I stick to eggs, meat, and vegetables?

    Thank you!

  24. ron
    When a video that one has to pay in order to be watched in its entirety is placed on the free portion of the site, then I classify that as bait and switch.
    In addition, why is it that the membership content could not be posted for one month for all to see without having to provide a credit card???
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  25. Murray
    "There's glory for you."
  26. erdoke

    why is it that the membership content could not be posted for one month for all to see without having to provide a credit card???

    Because that's not possible on a rolling basis. The idea is (or must be, I'm not an insider) that there is a free month premium of try-before-you-buy regardless of when you sign up.

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  27. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    The idea is (or must be, I'm not an insider) that there is a free month premium of try-before-you-buy regardless of when you sign up.


  28. Peter
    Andreas, I must say I have mixed feelings about the whole payed membership thing. For me the internet is all about free uncensored information and the journey to find sites/sources of information that I can connect with. I'm sure you've thought this over but I can't help but feel a little betrayed.
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  29. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    The only way to really produce lots of high-quality information and put it all out for free is to blanket the site in ads or sell out by being sponsored by the food industry or by selling doubtful edible products yourself. We'll never do that. We only want to have our readers interests in mind.

    Besides, everything that used to be free stay free, forever. We'll even improve and add on it. And the new membership premium content is free to try out for a month.

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  30. Yossi
    Give the guy a break. He's recently given up his day job and needs to earn a crust (sorry slab of butter).
  31. noele
    as long as you can still get the good newsletter parts just the same as always i will remain subscribed .but as soon as i feel the content isnt as good as it is now im gone i dont like cookies and i dont like lso's and they both come with the paid membership. i also like to read what is being said .as i tend to tune out watching a should have a printed transcript in the free news letter.
  32. Pat
    I am not losing weight and I do not understand why. I fast every other day consuming homemade bone broth, water, coffee with cream or butter and coconut oil and flax seed and chia seed. My eating days, I have no cereals, no starchy vegetables and no fruit, only vegetables and meat, cheese, nuts and fat.
    My weight has remained the same for about 5 weeks. Please give me some insight into this problem.Oh, yes, and I must say I become full very quickly and frequently cannot finish my meal.
  33. Athol
    It is disappointing that you have moved into the area of hard sell and teasing people with, here is a bit, buy now to get the rest. This has lowered the tone of what was a very good site, and puts you in the group of people with their hand out for money, money, money.
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  34. kathleen
    Do you have a transcript?
  35. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    You can get it all for free with a trial membership.

    Should you remain a member for more than one month your $9 will support this totally ad-free, sponsorship-free, product-free website and the six employees who are working hard to improve it every day.

  36. Pj Younger
  37. Pj Younger
    I was most disappointed that instead of developing a real tool with maybe a place to log foods, or something, you just switched to selling ur ideas.
    Reply: #38
  38. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    There are many tools for logging food already. Don't want to reinvent the wheel. But we're working on some exciting ideas for tools, so stay tuned.
  39. Kaela
    I just came across this blog late last night and booked marked it because I thought 'This is perfect, this will be a great place to start'! I got up today, got my boy to school and came home to start checking it out... then the video cuts off mid sentence and tells me to enter my credit card information to see the rest of the video? lol! Not likely! Honestly, the whole scenario is just gross and gives me the willies. For the health... more like for the money. Whatever. I am one person, I am sure you have lots of people who pay to watch your videos, but I wont be one of them. Unbookmarking this site for sure.
  40. Susan
    Just found this website. THANK YOU for giving me permission not to eat fruit. I felt like I couldn't just not eat it, but I am addicted to it. If I get the cookies and ice cream out of the house I just keep the apple orchards in business instead. Now I can get it all out of the house. Will let you know how that works out.
  41. Helena
    I am doing a low carb diet supplying the animal protein for hemp protein and fat. The idea is to rest my liver during some weeks. I am taking 30g daily of hemp protein. Do you think that It could be a balanced diet?
    Reply: #42
  42. Zepp
    I dont know about hemp protein but I dont think its the right essentiall amino acids?

    Give your liver a rest and eat animal proteins instead!

    Rather go low carb high fat and make your liver have an easyer task!

    "Limiting carbs, not calories, reduces liver fat faster,

    “What this study tells us is that if your doctor says that you need to reduce the amount of fat in your liver, you can do something within a month,” said Dr. Jeffrey Browning, assistant professor of internal medicine at UT Southwestern and the study’s lead author."

  43. Cate
    thank you for an informative site that is not riddled with advertisements. The subscription is well worth it.
  44. qui
    I started LCHF January, thanks to this site. Initially I did not see much difference in my weight, but it has now slowly started to come down, 6kgs since I started.

    I had Thyroid Cancer 18 months ago, and gained about 12kgs in the months following TT, and this weight seemed to be very difficult to lose, so hoping that having lost 6kgs on LCHF, the other 6 will follow. I have problems getting the right level of Thyroxine, currently too high (T4 24.9, TSH 0.011), so dose is being reduced again. I also had my cholesterol and fasting glucose (5.0mmol/L) tested, and both fine. I had worried my cholesterol would increase as I eat a lot more fat these days, but total cholesterol has come down, and so had Triglycerides. Just one thing, only Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride was tested. Doctor said that as total (5.3mmol/L) and Triglyceride (1.2mmol/L) was fine, then they do not test HDL and LDL... is that ok?

    Keep up with the good work on this site. And to the ones complaining about not getting everything from free, stop complaining, there is plenty of info online if you don't want to pay, and secondly, $9 per month is no more than 2 cups of coffee out.

    Reply: #46
  45. Kay Johnson
    Hi, I cannot remember my password and cannot get on to sign up for the workshops. As for the $9, I am more than willing to pay this amount for all the great information I am getting. Thanks, Kay (a long time reader)
    Reply: #47
  46. Zepp
    Sort of okay.. I wouldnt worry about cholesterole in your case.. perticaly as your glucose levels altso is good!

    I like to know for my self.. at least for the future and to have something to compare with.. but then you have to pay for those test by your self.

  47. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor

    For customer service please email
    I'll email you a new password.

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

  48. Lisa
    Jesus, what is it with all you folks who want everything to be handed to you for free? There is SO much good and useful info on here, and I'm saying this as someone who only just stumbled across this site 2 hours ago! Would you pay for a book? Would you pay for a gym membership? Would you pay for a nutritionist or a doctor? FFS! Just look at the big picture! This website won't run itself, the content may be found elsewhere if you want to go scour the Internet for it coz you feel cheap, then do it, quit complaining about it and do it! But for crying out loud, quit wasting time complaining that you want to lose weight, you want your hand held and all of it has to be for free!!! There, I said it. ?
    Reply: #49
  49. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    The dream is to provide the knowledge, tools and inspiration everyone needs to cure the obesity and diabetes epidemic. To do that we need resources as not many people are able to work for free and we have a lot of work to do. Our current view is that the most effective (and trustworthy) way of getting resources is to be funded by fellow low carbers. Ideally, everything would be completely free, but realistically, that's hard at least at this point.
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  50. Denise
    108 a year. Not sure there's anything unique enough here to warrant that. Same info on many other sites without the cost. It's too much. I might have done it at five a month.....
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