The 2-week keto challenge: “This is awesome!”


Over 620,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a keto diet.

Here are new fantastic stories from people who’ve taken the challenge:


Hi Diet Doctor,

We have joined the keto challenge because we have started to very slowly gain weight again. We know that we need to be more focused, and the challenge seems like a good way to regain control over eating. Eating after dinner i.e. after 7 pm, has become a problem and I am sure it is not hunger but can’t get control of it in this last six months.

We have been living low carb for almost three years combined with a 5:2 lifestyle. Dan is 82 and I am 78. Dan, with the approval of our doctor, came off all medication two years ago and I, fortunately, was never on any. I have found your website such a good support. I love the information, both medical and food, it is great.

I admire the courage and commitment of all who stand up against mainstream policy. We live in Mornington, Victoria, Australia and have been following Dr. Gary Fettke, Dr. Tim Noakes among others.

An interesting aside, I worked in the diet kitchen in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast in the late 1960s. The diet that went out to diabetics was a high-fat, low-carb diet. It was the most appetising of all the diets and staff thought if you have to be on a diet that was the one. In those days the diet not to be on was the diet for patients suffering from stomach ulcers. All white, no spice no taste.

Thank you for all your good work.

Margaret & Dan

Hello, this is Nancy, from the US. I am 67 years old, in reasonable health, except for being obese for years.

After seeing a family photo taken recently, in which I was again the largest person there. I realized that my two children, now in their 30’s had never seen their mother as anything but overweight.

I was formerly athletic and curvy. Now, I couldn’t find my waist! So, after trying diet after diet for years, losing and regaining the same 50 lbs (23 kg), I stumbled upon the ketogenic nutrition plan accidentally. I weighed 240 pounds (109 kg) and I’m 5’7” (170 cm). I read the information about ketosis as a goal, and although slightly skeptical, it made sense to me as a healthcare professional and as a person who had been a bread, sugar and ice cream addict for years, and, who had experienced the fatigue of the highs and lows of carbohydrates as an energy source.

I decided to do the 2-week challenge, two and a half weeks ago. Moved all bread items to the downstairs freezer, ate the rest of the ice cream, pulled all cans of beans and packages of dried beans and legumes out of cupboards and donated them to the food pantry, following suggestions from Diet Doctor site. Weighed and measured myself and I shopped for what I needed for the first week on Sunday. I cooked and ate meal recipes which were sent to me. Leaving sugar behind was difficult, as Wednesday had been Halloween and I did not, and have not touched, the leftover candy. On Thursday, I went to a doctor’s appointment. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and had lost 7 pounds (3 kg) in 4 days of sticking with the challenge!

I am now at the end of my 2-week challenge. I have lost 12 pounds (5 kg). I plan to continue as a member, with keto meal plan #37. The challenge was difficult for the first few days, but I have not felt deprived, nor to my surprise, desired any baked goods, ice cream or other sweets, not even crackers. And so I go…thanks for all the unusual but good recipes I have cooked, keeping carbs to 20 g or less a day.


My name is Gideon Osei, 52 years old and from Ghana living in Ancona Italy.

I started LCHF three weeks ago and I have been transformed, lost 7kg (15 lbs), lots of energy and not hungry as before.

Thanks, Diet Doctor


I am a 49-year-old female who lives in South Florida. My husband and I just recently started the keto diet. We started out by giving away 16 bags of groceries in our house. We always thought we ate “healthy” but we were wrong. I have never really struggled with being overweight, but 10 years ago I had a total hysterectomy and as I’ve gotten closer to 50, I’ve put on 8-10 lbs (4-5 kg) that I have not been able to shed and nothing I did was working. I am 5’3” (160 cm) and was at 130 lbs (60 kg), which is the highest I’ve ever weighed. I am normally around 120 (54 kg) and feel comfortable at that weight since I have a pretty curvy figure.

We entered into the keto process by following your recipes for two weeks and I lost 5 lbs (2 kg). After that, we started your stricter 2-week plan. I then started to put some of the weight back on.

I read quite a bit about post-menopause, hormone replacement therapy, and keto and I know it can be tricky to find what works best so I tried to experiment with a few things. I started intermittent fasting which has worked very well and is great because I don’t feel hungry anyway. Breakfast was challenging for me on the two-week plan. I’ve also upped my carbs to about 50-80 g a day by going back to your recipes only and the weight fell off again and is still going down.

We are still new to this journey and figuring it all out by learning the little subtle ways we can tweak what works best for us. The best news of all, we feel GREAT! Way more energy, mental focus is way up too. I’ve also noticed my husband doesn’t snore anymore and we are both sleeping better. So many other little things too that just keep improving. This will be our way of eating for life. The funny thing is we love, love, love the food and not having sugar or bread etc. has really not been missed at all. Thank you for all the great info on your site.


This challenge was awesome!

I’m 54, live in NC and have been overweight most of my adult life. This challenge made low carb so manageable. I wasn’t hungry, didn’t get headaches and didn’t mind saying no to the morning doughnuts! Lol. I’ve lost 7 pounds (3 kg) so far and increased energy, everyone has noticed the change. The allergies to various foods have disappeared also. Wow!

Thank you so much you have changed my life forever! I will continue on low carb.

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