That Sugar Song – hilarious video

Here’s a fantastic music video called “That Sugar Song”. It’s an advertisement for the equally great movie “That Sugar Film” that will soon be released in the US and UK.

The trailer has been watched over one million times and in Australia where the movie’s already been released it’s become the #1 highest grossing documentary of all time!

Here’s how to see it:

UK – In cinemas June 26
US – In cinemas and on demand July 31
AU – DVD, Blu-ray & Digital out July 1
Find out more at


  1. Dillon
    This is great. I'd never heard of this movie. I will definitely check it out! Just watched Cereal Killers 2 yesterday.
    "Sugar sugar, honey honey. You are my candy girl" ... The Archies
  3. Boundless
    Alas, it appears from their Synopsis page that the producers of this movie don't have the wider picture (rapidly digestible carbs) nor the big picture (a long list of problems in modern diet & personal environments, of which full-time moderate to high glycemic diet is easily #1, but is far from the only serious issue). They do seem to be aware of natural sugar in fruits, some of which need caution.

    With any luck, viewers of the movie may develop a skeptical eye for what passes as food these days, and explore further, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Rather, they may switch, for example, from chocolate frosted sugar bombs to 'healthy' unsweetened whole grain cereal. If they happen to check postprandial BG, they may be surprised that it rises higher and faster than with the prior obviously sugar-laden cereal. If cavities are the concern, they'll be puzzled that the dental bills aren't declining. Many will not connect the dots (their government hasn't, so why should they).

    Humans digest the amylopectin of grains with high efficiency, beginning in the mouth, turning this glucose polymer into monosaccharide glucose. Sucrose (table sugar), as destructive as it is for human health, is only half glucose.

    Some viewers may also take away the message to go "sugar free", and unless this movie cautions them, they are apt to turn to various artificial sweeteners with destructive metabolic effects of their own.

    Then there's the question of what, if anything to replace those sugar calories with. Other carbs is usually a mistake. More protein might be a mistake. More fat raises the question of which fats.

    There is no "the" enemy in diet. There's a long list of enemies. Ranked, I wouldn't even put sugar at #1, much less make it the sole focus of a movie or book, as doing so may be a distraction from learning about the full spectrum of adverse stuff that passes as "food" in modern markets.

    Switch from sugar to other carbs, and your T2D isn't going anywhere. Switch from sugar to more wheat, and your health may go over a cliff. Switch from sugar to sucralose, and you'll probably get to keep, if not aggravate, the gut dysbiosis that is a major component of current ailments.

    I'm willing to be pleasantly mistaken by the final product, but neither the cute video nor the movie web site look promising. The posted recipes suggest some awareness of net carbs, and grain hazards, but neglect to provide macronutrient data. Did that clever cook provide any input to the script?

  4. Mike
    Candy is dandy - but fat is where it is at.

    (anyone know where that came from? I don't)

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