That Sugar Film premieres in the UK

Here’s a nice clip where the eloquent Dr. Aseem Malhotra and the entertaining film maker Damon Gameau discuss the problem of sugar. Well worth watching.

The movie That Sugar Film premieres in the UK today. I’ve seen it, it’s fantastic and I highly recommend it. The US release is July 31.


  1. JT
    Any idea where this film is going to be released? TV, dvd or on-line? Many thanks.
  2. Katina
    I am all for having access to good truthful science showing the problems with some foods. I am diabetic and follow a healthy lifestyle for me. However, when this doctor says that Cameron and Obama should see the film, what is he implying? A mandate? Again, we don't like to be forced to do things in the US. We like to use our FREEDOM of choice. This is the only way for us, and Obama will never take this from us. So, I will go against all mandate of any food. Sugar for me is bad, but each will have to figure that one out on their own. Doctors should be warning their patients first. However, we may want to get the true information about fat and cholesterol first.
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  3. Canadian chick
    Any chance this film will be made available on :)
  4. stenB
    A great interview! All we need is leaders that promote low sugar eating. No mandates.
    That fatty liver and belly fat = metabolic syndrome developed in less than 6 weeks on a popular high sugar diet as mentioned in the video means that half as much daily sugar may cause a lot of obesity and disease within a few years. Since Malhotra is involved the guys insulin resistance was surely measured and increased during the six weeks. Any info about it ? Insulin resistance is key to disease as with it relative concentration of all other nutrients and vitamins that feed cells at same time as glucose via insulin are halved when blood sugar must rise to twice normal before insulin is high enough to trigger cells membranes to open at all. Starved of vital nutrients, cells start to malfunction and not only obesity but also signs of premature aging increase. Likely a key reason to why low carb diets reverse many diseases.
  5. Diane
    "We like to use our FREEDOM of choice", says Katina.

    When it comes to food, "we have NO FREEDOM". Have you noticed that ALL our food contains sugar? From bacon to spaghetti sauce, from horseradish to sauerkraut. Multi-national corps add sugar into everything.

    We don't have a CHOICE -- the choice has been made for us. Sugar is destroying our culture. Sugar is creating an obesity and diabetes epidemic of global proportions.

  6. Murray
    As Robert Lustig reported in Fat Chance, Obama read Gary Taubes's article in the New York Times (Is Sugar Toxic) a few years back. The Whitehouse is well aware sugar threatens to undermine the U.S. Healthcare system. However, they have done little for one reason: politics.

    Instead, they came out with the lame "Let's Move" program, kowtowing to the Coca Cola ideology and imposing a low-fat, low-salt lunch federal lunch program, that feeds vested interests better than the children. Among the consequences of the unpalatable federally imposed lunch program is that kids are throwing out record amounts of food, over one million kids have left the program to go buy fat-containing pizza or burgers at nearby restaurants or whatever, and (here is the one I like) kids are smuggling salt into lunch rooms (in breach of Federal law) and selling it to other kids. Meanwhile, the science is clear that dietary fat is not a concern and most people are not getting enough salt and the low recommended salt level is increasing mortality. The U.S. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has even recognized this science.

    So not only is the Obama-led government taking away freedom of choice, they are imposing a policy that the advisers are saying kills people. Americans should start seeing through the myth that they have freedom of dietary choice and push for a less politically and commercially driven system of setting and imposing dietary policies.

  7. Charmaine
    The People's Food VS US Gov snarl is not fixable. Yes, Michelle backed off pushing a garden and promotes 'moving; because we know exercise is NOT the answer to weight loss…nor are inner city kids going to choose cabbage over cheese fries. But nary a harsh word is ever said to the BIGFOODCORPS for keeping our foods cheap and so soy and HFCS are in EVERYTHING.

    Presidents know you don't mess with the cost of food...and so SNAP cards are pinged daily for qt. or gallon jugs of sugar water and cello-wrapped faux preserved meat…for the kid's lunches of course.

    As a constitutional conservative I also don't want the Gov deciding my nutrition for me…. but with all this freedom the poorest, most ignorant (because they refuse to pay attention in school? at some point they are responsible for feeding themselves as adults) are consuming the worst foods, getting the fattest, heading straight for the cardio ward or dialysis, and the rest of us will pay for it.

    I hate to say it but I agree with Dr. Lustig..the PEOPLE are marinating in sugar provided by food corps and yet are told by perky dietitians to "shop the outside of the grocery aisles"…really? So our choice is to monitor the plates of 320 million?

    The food producers are free to keep food safe, nonperishable and very cheap, because of massive additives; the people are free to buy whatever they like, and studies are now showing we are not only producing unhealthy, dumber humans into the 3rd generation, because of what the mother eats now, we are also producing fewer highly intelligent people … resulting in a nation of obese dullards free to buy cheap packaged foods….and everybody's content?

  8. flognarde
    The movie is somehow misleading. It's a publicity for LCHF diet (low carb high fat).
    This diet is quite healthy and works fine but as any strict diet, it's almost impossible to follow in the long term. At least if you have a social life. like any other diet (expect that you won't suffer from being under nourished) you will turn into a food obsessed freak, will need constant support, and will most of the time being seen as a shit pusher like vegetariens.
    The good part is that it has shown how stupid the war against fat was and making the point of being cautious with sugar.
  9. Henrique Nassif

    I think LCHF is a good way to lose weight; IF is a necessary tool to maintain or lose weight/fat.
    We can not live in a world apart! Just simple!

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