That Sugar Film now available on DVD and streaming

That Sugar Film is a great movie. It’s like an upgraded and more colorful version of Super Size Me, with a focus on the hidden sugar that’s in most food products in the grocery stores.

I found the movie both highly entertaining and inspiring. Now it’s finally available on DVD and streaming.

That Sugar Film

This movie became the #1 grossing documentary of all time in the filmmakers homeland Australia, where it premiered earlier this year. It was recently released in the US and now you can even watch it from home.

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  1. bill
    Since nobody else has commented, I'll start.

    I understand the movie is focused on sugar (hence the title).
    What is barely touched upon is the fact that all carbs turn
    to sugar in the body. A total of two sentences in the film
    say that, then the point is ignored, while we watch Damon
    eat straight spoonfuls of table sugar to reach his self-imposed
    40 spoonfuls a day for 2 months. He also had said in the
    beginning that he would not be fulfilling the quota with
    junk food, yet we later see him downing sodas.

    The film spends an inordinate amount of time watching
    a dentist attempt to extract a mouthful of rotted teeth from
    a 17 year old (graphically). This was just pandering
    to today's movie customer who likes to see blood and guts.
    What would the average person get out of this story when
    they tell you that the child got the rotted teeth from drinking
    10 to 15 cans of sugar/caffeine soda a day. Most people
    would reasonably respond that they would never do such
    a thing. What's to learn here?

    Again, this film is just equivocating. If dietdoctor is a website touting
    Low Carb, High Fat, then promote a movie which has people
    eating potatoes, pasta, whole wheat, rice and such and
    still getting fat, as that is what happens in real life. It is
    NOT just the added sugars that make people fat and
    metabolically deranged. To constantly promote movies
    such as this which, in effect, say so is to muddle the message.

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