“Thank you very much for this challenge… IT WORKS!!”


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I am a 67-year old female from South Carolina, USA. I am on my last day of the 2-week challenge and very happy with what I have learned, how I feel and the weight/body fat I have lost.

My starting stats were 162 lbs (74 kg) 31.4% body fat and 50.0 hydration. Today, I am 157 lbs (72 kg) 30.6% body fat and 50.6 hydration (numbers based on my Nautilus scale)!!!

I did purchase ketone strips to check for being in ketosis. There has only been a very slight color change and was wondering if you could advise approximately how long it takes to get my body in the state of ketosis. I did recently try NutriSystem for three months losing 11 pounds (5 kg) in the first month and then just stagnating for two months with no more weight loss and feeling bloated most of the time. Therefore, I recently was sticking to a high-carb eating plan (100+ carbs/day) and do consider myself carb sensitive.

I was hoping to just learn how to eat properly/healthy for my body without spending any more money but am seriously considering at least trying your program to see what happens. Most important to me is feeling better, having more energy, fitting in my previously lost weight (5 years ago) clothes.

Thank you very much for this challenge… IT WORKS!!


Hi there, I found it a very easy diet to follow and stick to. I wasn’t hungry after eating the food from the recipes. I lost 5 kg (11 lbs) and I feel great. Thank you very much.


I am Ingrid, a 60-year old living in Melbourne Australia. After a year of illness, letting myself go and generally being out of control with my eating I decided to take on the low-carb challenge.

Every recipe I tried was delicious even my husband loved them which was great as I didn’t need to prepare separate meals. I am so excited to say I am now into my third week and have lost just over 4 kilos (9 lbs) and going strong.

Thank you soooo much.


I have tried so many other diets and eventually, they didn’t work. Keto diet is the only diet that has worked for me. I started 8 weeks ago at 200 lbs (91 kg) and as of today, I am at 185 lbs (84 kg). Amazing !!! Live in the Los Angeles, CA area and I am 72 years old. Can wait to see my blood test results at the end of June.

Thank you soooooo much!



I want to thank you so much for your powerful easy to understand vide. Also your meal plans are so easy to follow.

I am adapting very well and not missing higher carbs such as pasta potato and rice. I am no longer hungry between meals.

Thank you

Hello from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I’m a 44-year old female, my husband is 49.

We loved the 2-week low-carb challenge. We loved the variety of foods and I thought it was very easy to prepare the meals (I prepared them for both of us lol). The recipes were simple yet delicious we were amazed every night at how delicious it was and kept you full.

I will admit I was a bit nervous cooking and eating all the fat but the weight was falling off regardless. In the 2-week challenge I lost a total of 9 lbs (4 kg) and my husband lost 8 lbs (4 kg).

What won me over with the challenge and this may be too much information but at that time I didn’t realize that I was starting my period in 2 weeks so right after the challenge is done. Usually 2 weeks prior to my period, I always want to eat and crave sweets like there is no tomorrow. I was very shocked that I did not have one sugar craving or wanted to eat all the time – I actually did the 16-hour fast twice in the second week because I was not feeling hungry.

My husband and I are going to continue with this way of eating. We feel good and never feel bloated. The weight coming off is an added bonus.

Thank you so much. Your site has been very helpful and educational.

Highly recommend the challenge to everyone!

I am a 74 year old that just received a date for knee replacement surgery for the end of June and wants to get weight off to make my recovery easier. I was on and will continue with your diet for the first two weeks and lost 5.5 pounds (2 kg). I love the recipes and the fact that my husband who does not have to lose an ounce, has enjoyed the meals so much, too.


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