Ten tips for a healthier brain this year

Human brain with rainbow watercolor spray on a white background

If you want to improve your mood, concentration and reduce the risk of dementia, psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede has written the perfect article for you. Here’s how to improve your brain health in ten simple steps.

The guidelines below are grounded in the science of anthropology, biochemistry, botany, human physiology, and human clinical trials. All underlined phrases within the list are live links to scientific references or fully-referenced articles with more information.

There are no magical superfoods or supplements involved in this all-natural, science-based approach. Just a few simple, common-sense rules about what to eat and, perhaps most importantly, what NOT to eat.

Psychology Today: Top ten tips for a healthier brain in 2018


New review of ketogenic diets for psychiatric disorders

“Preventing Alzheimer’s is easier than you think”

Dr. Georgia Ede

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