1. Will
    the lady in that promo video is fat... not sure if she should be spear heading "defense of fat" campaign... i know this sounds harsh.. but my friend who is deathly afraid of fat... saw that promo and was further convinced that fat will make you fat... look at the lady who is defending it...
    the fat phobics love saying: "the fat you eat is the fat you wear"...
    i know that fat in the absence of carbs doesnt make you fat but the average person is convinced that fat is the true evil...
  2. Rob
    Will - you have a good point, I have the same feelings towards fat personal trainers and there are plenty of them. You don't take financial advice from a poor person.
  3. Anu
    I understand where you're coming from. But sometimes it takes a fat person or formerly fat person to recognize that there's something wrong with our diets. I was officially obese not so long ago (and am normal weight now). Yet once I understood the principles of low-carb, high-fat diets, even when I was obese, you'd still have got better advice from me about how to tackle obesity than some naturally thin person who could eat all the carbs they wanted and stay the same weight.
  4. Will
    I agree with you Anu. I have no problems taking advice from people regardless of what their own physical make up is like. However, if you are going to lead a campaign "in defense of fat" then you might want to lose the fat first. Otherwise, you'd just be preaching to the people who already know that fat is not the problem and will make no impact on the fat phobics out there.

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