Team fat vs. team carbs

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Should athletes switch to a keto diet in order to improve their performance – or are they better off with traditional carb loading?

In this entertaining talk from the recent Low Carb Breckenridge conference, Dr. Peter Brukner goes through the history, current science as well as his best advice concerning keto and sports performance.

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Team fat vs. team carbs – Dr. Peter Brukner

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  2. LowCarbFinn
    "Old school diets" currently mean this: "calorie is a calorie, eat less and exercise more!"

    This is the way obesity and T2D have become a major problem.
    One definition of madness is doing things the same way over and over again, but expecting a different result. Recommending something that doesn't work is madness.

    Actually Low Carb High Fat with the name Banting is from the late 19th century. First mentions of carb restriction helping in weight loss are from the late 18th century.

    You need good endocrine balance and eliminating inflammation to lose weight, not some mystical "right mentality." And low fat high carb is not very good in promoting mental health, especially if gluten is included. Gluteomorphine does cross the blood-brain barrier...

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