Taubes in NYT: Is sugar toxic?

Here is a loong new article in New York Times by Gary Taubes: Is sugar toxic?

There are no big news for those who have already read everything on the subject, but it’s still a good article. The viral lecture by Lustig that is mentioned can be seen here (it’s excellent):


  1. Jim
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Hard to say what that means. I don't care too much about weird rat experiments, there are too many interesting studies on humans to ponder. :)
  3. Doctor Lustig,

    I run a non profit that trains UCB students to teach nutrition ed in local Schools. We launched this year to 10 schools and 250 kids - ultimately I'd like to mobilize college students everywhere.

    I'd like to get your feedback on my program and even collaborate to incorporate some ideas into the curriculum and a behavior change study UCB Public Health is currently structuring.

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