Take back your plate – Team Diet Doctor member gives TEDx talk

Team Diet Doctor member Jenni Calihan, founder of Eat the Butter, just gave a TEDx talk, and you can watch it above.

The topic is the benefits of real, whole, full-fat foods to families everywhere. Here’s the description:

The revolution starts in your grocery cart. How we eat affects our health, but in our battle against obesity and diabetes, we seem to have forgotten what everyone seemed to know just a few short generations ago: how to eat a healthy diet. We’re charmed by vintage decor; now we can be armed with vintage eating. A return to real, whole, full-fat foods, with fewer sugars and processed starches, is the easiest — and most delicious way back to health and wellness.

Jenni Calihan is the founder of Eat the Butter, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the word about real-food-more-fat eating. Help us ignite a mother-to-mother movement to combat chronic disease.

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  1. Kate
    WONDERFUL Ted Talk.
    I boarded the low fat Titanic cruise when I left college in 1977. I embraced low fat, vegetable oils, and tons of carbs, but I was a mad runner who had skinny parents, so I was able to keep ahead. As my running days waned my diet caught up with me. I wish I had heard a talk like this 40 years ago.
    Ironically, my adult children are still trying to eat the way I raised them and they can't understand why a) they're gaining weight and b) how I could change my dietary philosophy so drastically.
    Moms of the world, do your best. It's all anyone can ask.

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