1. kathy
    I agree with almost everything you say, but.... this creates a reversal of symptoms, not a cure. I can keep my T2 glucose levels at a normal range with LCHF but as soon as I over do carbs my blood sugar spikes. I am NOT cured, I'm controlled and can revert to bg levels of a diabetic any time I eat off plan. The myth of a cure does a disservice to people who think there's something wrong with them because they haven't cured themselves and to the public that is led to believe that we cause our own t2 and can cure it if we want.
  2. Tor H
    Just eating LCHF isn't enough for reversing insulin resistance for some people, they need to take it a step further. Intermitted fasting like 16:8 or even longer reverses insulin resistance, but it isn't done over night, it still takes time.

    When the insulin resistance gets as low as before one got diabetic one is cured.
    And if one continues to eat the foods that made one diabetic in the first place, one will get diabetic again.
    That doesn't mean one isn't cured, it just means that we're able to eat ourselves sick again.

    Jason Fung explains it pretty good.

  3. chris c
    What Kathy says!

    Many doctors in the UK routinely "undiagnose" diabetics when their A1c drops below 6%. This improves their statistics but doesn't help the patients much if it encourages them to return to eating a "healthy" high carb low fat diet.

  4. Alan Hooi, NTP & GAPS Practitioner. Malaysia
    I reversed my T2D, obesity, hi-blood pressure and heart disease in April 2010 with the The Rosedale Diet. Becoming a Fat Burner is the key. Your leptin, insulin level will get to optimal range. Also one have to consume adequate protein to control mTOR ( Mammalian Target of Rapamacin). It varies according to body size, frame, and activity. Look up Dr. Ron Rosedale in the website. Be happy.
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  5. Douglas
    I have been t2D for about 13 years and 5' 8" tall and weighed 145 lbs. I do not want to lose weight. Is there any way to use LCHF diet to reverse insulin insensitivity with losing weight? I have been on the diet for 6 weeks and lost 6 lbs. Which I did not want to lose. Anyone has an answer to this dilemma?
  6. Paul TR
    "...of Rapamacin.." - rapamycin

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