1. moreporkplease
    Wow. A step forward I guess but not as friendly as I had hoped. It was sort of "on the one hand. . ." and "on the other hand." Didn't really draw a conclusion, or did i misunderstand?

    I was pleased to see the LCHF teacher take the nice folks shopping to buy real food, and also cook salmon - too often these shows focus too much on "eat lots of meat!" We saw a lot of loving camerawork focused on butter, no doubt. . . :)

    Since they went to Carlstad, I thought they might interview you. . .no such luck.

    And I was shocked at the 2 researchers - the one blond woman who derided it as "going back to the 60s" - but in the 60s we didn't have an obesity or diabetes epidemic! The 60s were good! :)

    The older male researcher seemed to have a very closed mind. Even after the government minister said he would try to make more funding available for neutral tests - not funded by Big Pharma or food companies - the older researcher just flat out swore he wouldn't do any testing because he just "doesn't believe it could work." Not very scientific, there! :)

    The one white-haired doctor in the lovely garden had a more open mind. You could see how impressed he was when he saw the sample blood sugar chart and lipid numbers. I do wish they had followed these folks longer, since some people's lipids go up at 90 days but down again at 120. But why does he want to do long-term studies? We have many people who have been low-carbing for beyond a decade!

    Finally it was a shame that some of the people dropped out after just 3 months. Let's hope the TV show actually does a 6-month follow-up! :)

  2. Raclette
    Thank you for posting!
  3. JAUS
    A translation is on it's way.
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
  5. Bernardo
    Wow, Thanks JAUS!!!
  6. JAUS
    I started today so I hope that it's finished by monday. I try to concentrate on speed more than quality. I or someone else can always update it later if there are errors.
  7. JAUS
    i hate my computer. I was translating the subs when the program crashed. When I reopened the the program the file was empty even tough I had saved every few minutes, it must have been overwritten somehow by the program. I have a older backup of the file on an other drive but many hours of work was wasted. I don't really feel like continuing this translation right now because of what happened.

    If someone else wants to finish the unfinished translation I can upload the subs (it's a textfile with subtitle timings). The backup I have left have about 100 lines roughly translated (of 315). Grammar and spelling is wrong in many places, I was going to fix that after I had finished the translation.

  8. I don't speak Swedish so wasn't able to follow, but I just wanted to post this from a UK paper...


    Good to see the rising popularity of butter and of 'pure' foods. I think, for some, the way to promote this thing is on the 'real foods' bandwagon rather than low carb. I present it that way when I talk to people about what I eat.

  9. Funderaren
    Jo, there is a point in what you are saying. There were a strong demand for natural food in sweden before the LCHF revolution started. This made people much more open to natural fat. And positive to test LCHF.
  10. I had been eating very low carb (<25g per diem) for a couple of years, but still had cravings, and finally got the mesage from this blog, and another, that I needed to increase the fat and not over load the protein--voila! cravngs have gone. This is incredibly wonderful to me since I have had almost constant cravngs the last 10-12 years. I am a convert to LCHF for life!

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